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There was a large response for free blog topics in December.  I have to applaud the bravery of those willing to participate and write a blog post based upon something that sprang from my brain.  In case you haven't had the opportunity to go and check out these posts, I wanted to compile a special links post for your reading pleasure.  (And I hope to goodness I didn't miss adding anyone to the list that participated!)

Samodean of Massive Nerd

Tami of Tami Moore

Brajana of Mend Pet

Cait of A Delicate Poof

Jaedia of The Lazy Sniper

Deyndor of Swift Retribution

Nim of Ankh=Life

Tartdarling of PW: Bubble

Kaethir of A Bear In The Trees

Windsoar of Jaded Alt

Valgav of Casual Addict

Jong of Forbearance

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Sharing is caring!


  • Hurray! *hugs*

    I finally noted that the pictures are up on my DeviantART by the way if you hadn’t seen them.

    The little Big Bad Wolf in all his glory! hehe

  • Was actually kind of nice to shift gears and write to someone else’s request.

    Also, my spellchecker thinks “else’s” is misspelled. Any grammarians in the house? How should that be written?

    “to the request of someone else”?

  • Sweet! Free Link!

    After rereading my post about playable races, I think it could have been funnier. But it was the new year and I had a hangover. =P Thanks again for the topic, it was fun.

  • @Kaethir – 😀

    @Cait – Oooh I must go looksee!

    @Tami – It was kinda fun thinking up topics that I didn’t actually have to put together! 🙂 And I’m glad you enjoy the header and random taglines hehehe

    @Nim – Welcome!

    @Valgav – 🙂 Your post was just fine! I liked it!

  • @Tami – Actually, after reading most of them, I have to thank George Carlin. The man was a one-liner machine.


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