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The Twitterati discovered a mystery:

Mortigan is missing!

The blog is no longer found.

The twitter account no longer exists.

Hopefully his Forsaken body didn't fall apart.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this warlock (did hunters take him out? is the Alliance holding him hostage?) please alert the Twitterati.  We are always concerned when a member of the community disappears into thin air.

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  • I’m glad that you took this a step further and posted this. I was quite concerned when I went to link his blog and found it wasn’t there.

    I hope it’s just a case of the new baby is keeping him super busy 🙁

  • Here’s hoping that everything is okay with him, and he’s just decided to have a change in priorities with his new level 1 warrior addition!

    But Mortigan… please stop in and let us know you’re okay. We get worried about our people when they disappear!

  • I hope everything is all right too. It’s just very…odd. I mean, we all would have understood a break to spend time with his new lil’ bundle of joy, but the blog and twitter account don’t need to be deactivated for that… 🙁

  • Second time WordPress deleted my comment before I could post it /sigh.

    Noticed it was gone when I was checking a few broken feed, 1 I knew about, 1 I fixed ..

    I am hoping it is a case of having to quit WoW because of the baby and Twitter/the blog are too tempting/distracting, the most likely reason too.

    It is a shame though :<

  • I just wish SOMEONE would have at least heard or seen a message indicating as such… hopefully someone will come forward with some info to put our minds at ease.

  • I have been wondering that myself, in fact I found this post by googleing Mortigan….but I can tell you that I havent heard anything on the ally side to suggest that we have him. I hope the ol’ lock is ok.

  • @Renault – Thank you for stopping by and letting us know that he likely hasn’t been taken hostage by the Alliance. I hope he is ok too… and hopefully we’ll hear something one of these days soon so we can put our minds at ease.

  • Its been a while now, has anyone heard of Mortigan yet? I started following his blog shortly before it went offline.

    Anyone around with new information?

  • @Mister K – Unfortunately, I have not heard any update about where he is or how he’s doing. 🙁

  • Mortigan, where are you?! We crave your pearls of wisdom and snippets of sarcastic humor. We all agree you have responsibilities as a parent now, but what about us? We need your intellectual guidance, especially with the expansion “soon” to be dropped upon our fragile sensibilities.

    – Lirrost, the despondent gnome warlock


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