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General 9

All Twitter Tweets Are Spam

Honestly, think about it. There’s achievement spam, formspring spam, location spam, picture spam, link spam, ponder spam, I’m playing X, Y, Z spam, incessant whining spam… I could go on. It’s all there. At any given moment you can (and probably will) tweet something that one of your followers doesn’t like. And that’s ok –… Continue reading

Gaming General 2

Lessons In Leet

Just a reminder that tonight we’ll be recording our 10th episode of Polygamerous live!  We have a special guest joining us – Nicole Spagnuolo from Ladies of Leet. Join us in the chatroom and the live recording on Mondays at 8pm PST.  If you can’t join us live, that’s ok! Go to the Polygamerous site… Continue reading

Gaming 3

The Rain Is Starting To Fall

So there’s this game that’s coming out in the US on February 23rd (various release dates for different parts of the world all within the same week).  It’s been quite anticipated and I’m psyched. It’s called Heavy Rain. There will be choices… and consequences. (I recommend checking this out…) Love. Guilt. Redemption. These are the… Continue reading