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TLC Thursday: Pre-Holiday Reading Goodness

  • An interesting post by Elnia (the barkeep over at The Pink Pigtail Inn) comparing car and gaming business models.
  • Gnomer of Armaggedon’s Coming shares a lil’ secret about in-game envy (and started the support group too, I think!)
  • Blizzard’s garden is full of carrots.  Both Darraxus the Warrior and Tobold discuss the dangling carrots within the game that keep players going, for better or worse.
  • Elleiras of Fel Fire ponders cross-server recruiting, especially of the PvE to PvP transfer flavor, as well as, how to (or whether or not to…) sell the server as a whole in the pitch.
  • Tamarind of Standing at the Back in My Sissy Robe (a newish blog I’ve recently found and am reading) posted an epically hilarious (yet a smidge embarrassing) story of emailing screenshots to himself and having to explain to the boss that he wasn’t looking at anything… naughty.
  • Also, a farewell to Blogatelle.  They provided some wonderful RP discussions, thoughts, and ideas.  Even though I no longer actively RP in-game, their posts still help inspire character ideas for me.  If you’ve never checked them out before, I would still recommend their archives.  Or at least this interesting post about why so many players seem to be threatened by those of us that enjoy “unintended” play.