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Yesterday was Independence Day over here in the States…. which includes parades, food, family, and bright lights that go *BOOM* in the sky.  I like watching fireworks, but I could do without the sound… and crowds.  (You know, you'd think they could come up with a silent firework by now.)  Last night also marked the end of the Midsummer Fire Festival in Azeroth, and it was the first time in the past 3ish years that I've been playing WoW that I got to experience the fireworks spectacular (and have some festive brew!).

So today, I shall share with you some of the fireworks display in case you were unable to see them.  They did occur on the hour, every hour, after sunset at Booty Bay and all capital cities.  Sideshow watched some of the fireworks show while he was outside Exodar!

bb fireworks 1bb fireworks 2bb fireworks 3

Then after a delightful experience at Booty Bay, I was able to see some more at Undercity.

uc fireworks 1uc fireworks 2

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Sharing is caring!


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