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Hey all, I'm going to just kinda ramble in this post a bit.  Hope ya don't mind.

This week has been a bit nutso IRL.  Last week was too, but it's always even more crazy when trying to get as much work stuff done as possible before taking some vacation time around a holiday weekend.  It's been hectic and draining this week, but now I get to relax a bit before rejoining the rat race.  (And believe me, it will be crazy when I return to work since there's a lot I could not finish before leaving.  Blarg.)

Yesterday was nice… it was the start of Sideshow's and my 5 day weekend.  Yesterday was doubly special because it was our wedding anniversary.  A little later today, we'll be traveling out of town to visit my parents for a few days.  So, it will likely be a bit quiet around this corner of the blogosphere for a few more days.

But that's alright because I'm sure you have cookouts or projects or something you have planned for at least part of this weekend!

One of the bummers about this past week being hectic is that I haven't gotten much WoW time… I only need 2 more quests to complete Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms! Uhh! So close!  ….still need another 30 for Kalimdor.

Funny, I thought Kalimdor would be easy to finish off because it seems filled with so many Horde zones and I'd have to search more to complete Eastern Kingdoms.  But noooo, I'm finding the complete opposite to be true.  Although, there seem to be more dungeons and raids in the Eastern Kingdoms…. which have plenty of quests that count towards Loremaster.  In fact, I still have a TON of Eastern Kingdoms quests I can do – easy to locate ones!

Whereas… I'm struggling to find more Kalimdor ones.  I'm hoping some of these leftover Eastern Kingdoms quest chains will take me back across the sea to count for some Kalimdor turnins.  I mean, it is quite likely since I'd seen a few chains bounce back and forth already… some counting for one continent and some counting for the other.

*Looks around* Ya know what… I think I should log in and finish off Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms before we hit the road… so I can make sure to have that special screenshot.

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  • I recommend the hero of the horde or whatever it’s called. Chain that starts from an Orc ghost outside of Blasted Lands, leads to a few in Azshara that count towards Kalimdor.
    .-= Jaedia’s last post: I Applied To A Guild =-.


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