2 Player Ticket to Ride Europe Playthrough

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Will Brian finally win against Darcy in Ticket to Ride: Europe?

It's been close a few times, but Darcy usually takes the victory.

We skip over most of the turns where we draw cards in order to focus on the gameplay where we're claiming routes. We also show you how to claim ferry routes and tunnel routes.

Our routes didn't require the use of train stations this time. We have used those more with three or more players.

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As Brian said, we recommend Ticket to Ride: Europe. It's fun for us to play with only two players and it's fun to play with the kids too.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey is also a great option for younger kids. The U.S. cities have pictures which helps kids who aren't reading yet to see where their routes are on the board.

If you like playing Ticket to Ride, but want a quicker game we suggest checking out our review of Ticket to Ride: New York.

What's your favorite Ticket to Ride map? Tell us in the comments!

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