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Yay, I am feeling muchmuch better.  Thank you all for your warm get well wishes and not starting a riot.  Oddly enough, Tuesday marked the highest site visits we've seen thus far.  This still boggles my mind because I didn't post anything earth shattering! 😉

For my RP fans, Part 9 of Aerissa's adventure will continue next Tuesday, just to keep on the Tuesday schedule.  Think of yesterday as a rerun day with the new season about to start.  Or something.  I'm also working up a story in my head (they like to hide there a lot) to enter into the Blizzard writing contest!  I'd love to enter Aerissa's story thus far, but it's far from finished and beyond the word count limit of the contest.

Anywho, I figured since I've been slow at posting lately, I should give everyone an update on what exactly this crazy lil warlock has been up to.  And let me tell you, I was a busy bee over the weekend! (Despite the creeping in of the head cold, I was playin' my heart out!)

midmarchachievesBam.  Look at all those achievements!  There's a few missing actually.  I was in Heroic Utgarde Keep too, which was fun.  I know the RFC achievement looks odd in the mix, but that was part of finishing up the Orgrimmar rep so I could get my new pack of wolf mounts.  I also got my little penguin finally! (I'll be doing a separate post with an update on the pet collection!)

What was really awesome, was last night.  See, over the weekend I was in several runs… way more than I usually do in a period of a couple days.  It was fun.  I had a blast.  It was primarily with all guildies.

Monday night I didn't even log on, I felt so horrible.  But last night, shortly before logging for bed, I was asked if I wanted to go to 10man VoA.  I was particularly tempted because several guildies were just in the 25man version and a warlock piece dropped…. but they had no ‘locks in the raid.  A couple rogue pieces had also dropped… and no rogues.  So, Sideshow and I decided to go with.  We prayed to the lewtgawds that they'd bestow us with more epicy goodness.

We down that boss like he was nothing.  (Although Sideshow got whomped a good one :P)  It was mostly guildies with a few pugged spots.  It was great too, because I was in the top 5 for DPS as well… despite the fact I'm still working on upgrades and such.

Noc, fellow guildie, the raid leader, and master looter checks out the goods.

Both pieces were warlock pieces.  Both gloves.  PvP Gloves and T7 Gloves.

I was the only warlock.

Sometimes, it pays to be the unpopular one.


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  • @Fulg – 😛

    @Side – I didn’t even realize a few were repeats. Oops. I just cut out the blocks from the achievement summary screenies, since those blocks are easier to work with.

    But that’s ok, because I still got about that number since a couple aren’t even shown! Like H UK and Destruction Derby 😛

  • w00t! I hope I get lucky in my VoA pugs when I hit 80 because I don’t think I’ll have a lot of time to PuG Naxx or Heroics like I did with my Shadowpriest. Grats on the achievements!


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