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eric.surfdude @ Flickr
eric.surfdude @ Flickr

Well, it was over 3 weeks since I'd logged into WoW.  It almost starts getting to the point where it's scary to go back in…. you don't want to be bombarded upon your return about your absence, you don't want no one to not notice you'd been gone, you don't want to second guess mail expirations, you don't want to think about the dailies/money/rep etc. gains you missed out on… I could go on, but I won't.

And you don't want to think you forgot how to play. (Had to throw one more in, sorry.)

In some ways, it's sort of like returning to work after a long vacation… you have mixed feelings about returning and it takes a bit of easing back into the routine before it feels comfy again.  (And I hadn't even taken the break based purely on burnout, so it was all sorts of odd)

No Longer /AFK

First indication it'd been awhile since I'd played… had to dust off my authenticator.

No, seriously, it had a lil' film o' dust over the screen.

Second indication it'd been awhile since I'd played… my login failed like 4 times.

Wrong effin' password.

And it doesn't tell me that until after I enter the username, password, AND authenticator code that something was wrong with my login.  So the first time I just thought I missed a number for code.

Third indication… I had to download a patch and load out of date addons.

Fourth indication… I had trouble figuring out how to hold my cell phone between my ear and shoulder while playing, or how to even try and manage it.

So, we took it easy.  We figured out logging in, managed to half ass maneuver with one hand (except, I like to hold the phone with my “mouse” hand…) and were excited about Midsummer Festival!  It starts today! What timing, amirite?!

Gimmie Fuel, Gimmie Fire

Well, we were excited about Midsummer Festival until discovering it was in fact true that last year's quests had not reset.


It's, like, my favorite holiday.

I felt a bit jipped to be honest.

Sure, there supposedly are new bonfires in Northrend…. I managed to find 3.  (Remember, I was slightly distracted by the phone too.)  I just didn't have the patience when I know where all the Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, and Outland bonfires are.

Although… I remembered there was JUST ONE Alliance fire I hadn't desecrated last year and set out for it.

To Teldrassil! /charge

For fun, I went ahead and desecrated stole the Darnassus flame right away too (which worked although the rest I did last year were NOT working).  Then portaled into Darnassus so that I could wait and be killed by the guards.  Much easier than trying to navigate out the front.  Spirit rez outside Dolanaar and ta-da!

2 Birds, 1 Fire

Now, hotfix the other fires already, kthxbye.

So, hour and a half in tonight… that's the way to ease ‘er in back to normal. *nodnod*

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