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onyxia liar

With November fast approaching and Onyxia scheduled for a facelift, a few of us decided to go peek at her… and lop off her head.  I was never at level cap during Classic (or “vanilla”) WoW, so I never got to experience the thrills and headaches of 40man raids.

And I'd never faced Onyxia.

We figured now was a good time to do so and get the achievement before the re-tooling that will be done for WoW's 5 year anniversary.

You notice how Maagrom looks scared?


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  • Grats. Casually slaying Onyxia is a lot of fun these days.

    (I must say I’m disappointed about the lack of scary-sexy cow in this Sunday’s screeshot … not really 🙂 )

  • @Tamarind – Thanks 🙂 It was fun, but I could only imagine what it was like “back in the day.” And, I’ll try to serve up some scarysexy cow for you real soon! 😉


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