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*cues Europe* Doodoodoo DOO doodoodoot doodoo~ *ahem*

It's almost tiiiime~blizzcon logo

3 days til we fly out!

4 days til BlizzCon starts!

So much to do, so little time!

Pack, write, make sure kitties have enough food and water… clean litter boxes.

It will be fun.  Got a peek at the shwagbag already and we know the Prince of Darkness will rawk our faces off.  I'm looking forward to that, since I've yet to see Ozzy live!

Oh and speaking of authenticators (cuz, y'know, there's one in the goodybag), I wasn't able to give one away… no one entered the contest.  🙁

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  • You know, I still read your blog and really never let up even though I stopped playing back in Feb.-ish.

    Sucks that no one entered your contest. I was going to (honestly), but I’m in the process of a move among a thousand other things. The best I can do lately is skim a few blogs, read your story, and keep working and getting RL organized.

    Exciting for you to see Ozzy 🙂 Rock on!

  • Excellent blog, my first time here.

    Sucks that we missed the contest. Not that we need another authenticator but I’ve got the perfect submission. /shrug

    Keep up the good work and see ya at BlizzCon.

  • @Jon – Thanks 🙂 I might run the contest again after BlizzCon (and maybe for different prize(s)) when more people are feeling excited about WoW again. So hold onto that submission! 🙂


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