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I don't know about everyone else, but when I don't regularly use words in another language… I start to forget what they mean.  It really is ‘use it or lose it' in my case.  Although, the language I used for the title is even tougher than English to learn.

There are no rules.

There are no exceptions.

There is no right way to spell.

And it's made up.

Yes, I said made up.  I'm talking about Simlish!  According to this thread, “Bloo Bagoo” appears to mean “Hey, wussup?”

In my opinion, Simlish is the funnest language ever.  It's great fun to mimic what they are saying, how some words and phrases sound dirty like “real” words, and try to guess from their actions and thought bubbles as to what they mean.

Awww, we're thinking about each other!
Awww, we're thinking about each other!

For example, Sideshow's sim of me wrote a popular trashy novel called “Splurgin' My Yurgen.”  I really think it sounds worse than it is…

Anywho, if I seem a bit preoccupied for a few days (as evidenced by not logging into WoW or any other MMO, not commenting, not twittering, or talking in gibberish Simlish) it's because I'm a bit engrosed in The Sims 3 at the moment.  (It just came out on Tuesday!  Gimmie a break!)

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  • OMG I make up my own conversations to Simlish. When their bubbles appear, in my head I’ll go – “So like…airplanes and stuff” “OMG I KNO TOTALLY! And burglars!” “Woah, no way dude, not burglars. No. How about skiing?” “Hmmmmm…..skiing….and flowers.” “Flowers, for sure, and what about mountains!” “Mountains. Yeah.”

  • Actually, it was a “trashy” novel called “Splurg My Yergen.” Your last masterpiece was a Sci-fi book called “Pew Pew.” Since I’m already dead, I assume you’re not far behind.

  • Let’s the imagination run wild! lol Sounds like a fun time in the Sim’s household!

  • Did anyone else thing the post was going to be about Ghouls by the title? I swear this is what Ghouls say in WoW. Maybe ghouls are really dead Sims? Investigation at 11.

  • You’re giving me some nice memories… When I was pregnant with my daughter I had many sleepless night thanks to her having a late night/early morning party in my tummy. When I didn’t feel like reading I always played The Sims. Ahh good times… I might play it this evening after my daughter goes to sleep. 😉

    I saw the commercial for Sims 3 and you know… I want to get it. 😉

  • @Nassira – That’s one of the best parts…
    “I like purple. You like purple?”
    “I like rain clouds.”
    “That’s not a color, but I like silverware.”
    “I like you.”


    @Side – So many comments, so little time. >.>

    @Keli – Sims is so strangely fun and addicting.. with so many ways for things to go wrong or cause hilarity. It’s almost criminal.

    @Fulg – haha I *swear* Sideshow’s ghoul used to say “Saaaale.”

    @Abi – I’m…. not going to ask how you know! 😉

    @Moon – Oh if you liked the previous Sims, I think I can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy Sims 3. There’s so much to enjoy about it and some cool new twists! 😀


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