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Lay Your Weary Head to Rest

At the beginning of January I wrote a post speculating on the State of the Warlock and feeling as though I was headed for the endangered species list.  Unfortunately, it looks like I am on there.  I can handle that… being special… just as long as we don't become extinct.  I really, really love playing my warlock!

At the end of said post (if you didn't catch it, you can go skim it if you want quick), I questioned if there was a decline and why this was so.  Some people claim warlocks are broken, nerfed, too complicated, too easy, etc. etc.  I'd also made a decision to revisit this topic once I hit 80 to see if there has been any change or not.  It has been 2 months since that other post, so let's take a look, shall we?

Now, I apologize that I had not taken screenies of the stats at that time, so I will copy over the text with the population information for easier comparison:

Overall Eitrigg (Horde and Alliance) “warlocks and rogues are tied at 8%.”

Eitrigg Horde side, warlocks are considered to be tied for 3rd of the most represented classes.  Huh.  Death Knights still top the charts at a whopping 19%.  Hunters are second with 15%, but warlocks are tied with paladins at 10%.

So what do the numbers look like now?

7 7 7 - The new number of evil?
7 7 7 - The new number of evil?

I got these figures from Warcraft Realms.  Granted, the Eitrigg census warns that there has been a lack of Horde side data uploaded in the past 2 weeks, but all three ways I looked at it showed warlocks steady at 7% among level 80s.  Now, don't get too excited just yet.  When I wrote the last post, I was looking at levels 10-80.  Although, when I bring up 10-80 the numbers are not much different.  Warcraft Realms show 8% over all servers, both factions; 8% for Eitrigg, both factions; and 9% Eitrigg Horde.

What this is showing is that there aren't a lot of warlocks being  leveled to 80 since the representation drops at 80.  This is sad to see.  Very sad indeed.  It can't be because we suck, can it?

Don't You Cry No More

Guildie: Why dps as a clothie if you can wear plate?

Syrana: I'm eviler in cloth.  No one expects the squishies.

There have certainly been speculations about warlock DPS.  And we have heard that Blizz is working on us (and those darn soul shards!).  We also know that Blizz intends for pure DPS classes, like ourselves, to be rockin' the top of the meters.  Now, I know meters aren't everything.  I also know that putting up numbers can be heavily influenced by who is in your group.  But, my first attempt at a heroic (with others that are geared for it while I know I was NOT) less than 24 hours after dinging 80 gave me some hope because I know there is room for improvement with gear and enchants/gems.  Now, for this chart, please keep in mind that we did not clear Heroic Violet Hold.  We got stuck with the 2 hardest bosses spawning and decided to call it after wiping on the 2nd boss instead of going through the first one ALL over again.  So, considering the running and stuff I had to do on the first boss…

1stheroicdpsNot too bad, amirite?  This was before the upgrades I have now and NO enchants.  I had very little hit at that point.  Since that attempt, I've crafted Ebonweave Gloves and Wintry Hat of Doom.  (I'd link all that, but you can see 'em on the right by hoverin' over my armory stuff if ya want.)  I also got a new belt from the Wyrmrest and a new cloak from the Kirin Tor.  I've also gotten a few enchants.  I mean, honestly, I didn't go in there with all level 80 equivalent gear on.  Yes, basically all blues – but quest blues and crafted blues…. and not much of anything from instances.

Are warlocks gear dependent for top numbers? Uhh, yes.  And a good rotation makes a difference too.  There's some great info over at the Warlock's Den on gearing for hit cap in Wrath.  The other raiding gear guides don't appear to be updated for Wrath, unless I was looking in the wrong place.  But the hit guide should definitely be helpful for me, at least! 😉

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Just wanted to give a couple updates!  I've tackled a few more zones in Northrend, so we're on the way to finishing those quest achievements up and getting closer and closer to “the Seeker.” I also hit revered with the Oracles and was called a savior or somesuch.  I bought my first egg and am waiting anxiously for it to hatch.  I'm close to maxing out tailoring and getting closer and closer on alchemy.  (Thank you, Noc, for the herbs!)

Let's see…oh! I also hit honored with Sons of Hodir and despise that stupid spear.  I want to stab the developer of that daily quest in the eyes with that spear.  I read up on it and followed the suggested strategy and still seem to have issues with my grip before getting to Phase 2.  I can get the bastard down to 30ish%…. grrrr.

I think that was all I wanted to update on.  If not, I'll make another post! 😉

Oh! Thank you, Fin, for helping me to farm eternal shadows in Wintergrasp.  I have enough for my ebonweave robe…now to wait patiently to utilize mine and others' cloth cooldowns!  It was also my first time really going into Wintergrasp to battle.  Unfortunately, I showed up shortly before the Alliance finished bashin' the door in. 🙁

Now I'm done!

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  • What I did for the spear quest is I usually started off with the big attack, followed by mashing grip and dodging every time it is on cooldown. Dodging is perhaps the most important ability along with grip. When your cooldowns are up mash them and go back to mashing grip 3-4 times. When it get to a certain health percent, he will take you in his jaws and do a bunch of damage. You have to mash a button to pry his jaws then stab his face. THIS ABILITY CAN MISS. If you dodged enough during the first phase you can usually get off another jab. If I have enough health when the second phase starts, I will usually pry 10 times then thrust the spear. Hope this helps!

  • If you do any wintergrasp, there is a PvP hood that is great for warlocks. Better than Wintry Hat of Doom. Check it out if you’re interested :-D. I think its like 40 marks or something, which I had just from messing around in that place for a while.

  • @Darraxus – Thanks. I am going to try a few different approaches, but if they continue to fail, I’m just not going to waste time on that one. The thing that is odd is my grip isn’t always at “failing” when I fall, si I’m wondering if it has something to do with my health level as we approach Phase 2.

    @Fulguralis – I shall have to take a looksee at this hood! 🙂

  • The Deathchill cloak is fairly easy to craft and is a great pre-Naxx cloak. It lacks stats but the equip bonuses are pretty stellar. Outside of Heroic Occulus or crafting Wintry Doom, Fulg’s right.. the new epic Wintergrasp helm is pretty saucy. The only other thing I can recommend for some quick upgrades is to build your KT rep to revered for the dagger and drop your first 25 emblems on the offhand.

    I hate heroic VH.. The Voidwalker and the Ethereal Boss are a PITA.

  • Interesting post, Syr! Ditto on the head piece from WG – Mal is loving it. Plus, it doesn’t clash with the Ebonweave Robe.

    Fear.Win: that’s EXACTLY what I did for pre-Naxx gear! Now if I could only get INTO Naxx for the weapon… /sigh

  • @Fear – I’m working on the mats for that cloak now that one of my guildies can make it. I figure there’s no sense in waiting until I can make it at this point… And I was definitely eyeing the Kirin Tor blade. It looks yummy.

    @T-Sonn – Thank you! That hood doesn’t clash?! Then I must definitely check it out! 😀


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