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Last week's screenshot recap

Last week was the serious looking stone man.  He can be found in the center of the Emerald Dragonshire in Dragonblight.  He's right by Ysera, everyone's favorite dreamy dragon.


Looks like this guy tried to get back out and to the bottle…except, someone busted it.  Any guesses on where this shot was taken?

It was just too stuffy in there...
It was just too stuffy in there...

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  • Is it Sorrow Hill in the Western Plaguelands? Y’know the one with that bugged elite mob that can spam shadowbolts at you from an underground crypt, six miles away? 😛 lol sorry but he killed me more times than I can count while I was levelling there.

  • I will guess Stranglethorn Vale (even though I can’t give you a more specific location. Is that allowed?)

    There’s a WHOLE lot of weird happening in Stranglethorn Vale. Especially with those pirates around.


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