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Trapped Under Ice

If you don’t live in the midwest, be thankful. It’s been a bit chilly here to say the least. Syrana’s office was closed due to the cold and I worked from home. Schools and businesses all over the state are closed today and even tomorrow. To tell you the truth, I probably wouldn’t be that… Continue reading

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Nothing Else Matters

[Updated to add links to photos, etc at the bottom] On Monday night nothing else did matter, not even WoW (or my hearing for that matter.) After months of waiting, Syrana and I got to see Metallica live at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. For me, this would be my sixth show since 1996 (I… Continue reading

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BBV Express

We here at D&B play a little game called Rock Band. We’ve enjoyed these games since we ran across Guitar Hero II a few years back. We transitioned into Rock Band thanks to Darcy’s parents Xmas present. I’ve grown into the drums (which I’m loving) while she loves to sing (and she does it well.)… Continue reading