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For some reason I have been slow to join the Twitter craze.  But now, I have crossed into it.  (And I hear there is no going back!)

I know Sideshow tried to tell me before that I would probably find it interesting and strangely addicting.  Of course, if you've ever tried to explain twitter to a nontwitterer… yeah I gave him this kinda blank stare.  /facepalm

Although, I suppose it didn't help that the first example of it he showed me was the account they set up for this guy he works with …. but it's like all the guys at work that do the updates.  So I was focused on the “fake” tweets part.  Heh.

But yar – It's really me.  Follow me if you dare! /cackle

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Sharing is caring!


  • Twitter’s tagline should read “abandon hope all ye who enter here.” It really is addictive as hell.

    But welcome aboard!

  • Come with us Davlin. Come to Twitter. You know you want to. Here, there are cookies in Twitter. yes Davlin, you know you want a cookie. Here, just tweet a little, it’s good for you…



    Twitter insanity FTW!

  • @Fulg – Aww, but it’s another step towards taking over THE WORLD! Mwuahaha. *ahem* Or something.

    @Grimtorn – Tonight is a bit more hoppin’ it seems and that makes it even more addictive. 🙂

    @Dav – I agree with Cait… *dangles cookie*

  • @Sabiba – Sorry your comment was stuck in pending. Thanks for the welcome! And hopefully those that bite.. don’t bite hard. >.>


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