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I don't know about you, but when I think of spring, I think of bunnies laying chocolate eggs.  This week has been interesting, to say the least, during the in-game holiday event of Noblegarden.  Some people dislike it, some people love it, and some just don't really care.

desert-rose This post has a few features included today:

– Why to Love Noblegarden

-Why to Hate Noblegarden

-The Path to Nobledom (a guide)

-Egg Collecting: Camp vs. Hunt

Why to Love it

1- A new non-combat pet, the Spring Rabbit

For pet collectors, this gets a big hellyeah.  Even if you don't do anything else with the holiday, who can pass up the cutsie wutsie bunneh?

2- Innuendos galoresyr-bunnied-out

From Shake Your Bunny-Maker to Spring Fling, if you enjoy a well placed innuendo, this holiday is for you.

3- No RNG necessary for achievements

No one can complain about the eggs hating us because of the randomness of bestowing us with items needed for the achievement.  Yes, there are a couple achievements that are only awarded by finding clothing inside an egg, but those are not needed for the meta achievement.  They are a bonus, if you will.

4- It's part of the “What a Long, Strange Trip” meta achievement

For mount collectors, our eyes are on the prize at the end of a series of achievements.

5- Holiday clothing

Whether you are an RPer or not, I'm sure you can appreciate the out-of-combat wardrobe.  I like to collect outfits, so I'm all about these fun tidbits.  And besides, you know holding onto the bunny headband will be great when it comes time for next year's Masquerade Ball hosted by yours truly… complete with costume contests!

syr-flowers-and-basket1Why to Hate it

1- EZ Mode

All the requirements for this achievement are quite easy.  It only takes a few hours to complete them all and get the title.

2- Innuendos Galore

Some people do not appreciate the implications of this holiday's innuendos and pop culture references.

3- Not into achievements or in game holidays

If you don't like achievements at all or in game holidays, then you probably should skip this one too.

The Path to Nobledom (a guide)

As I mentioned before, achieving this title is not too difficult.  It just takes a little bit of time and patience.  At least there are no hour long cooldowns (I'm looking at you Hallow's End trick-or-treat!) and no RNG's to depend on (I'm looking at you candy bags!)  This holiday started on Sunday, April 26th, and will last until Saturday, May 2nd.  Syrana achieved the title on Sunday.  I have an alt that has almost completed it as well.

What You Need:

If for some reason you don't get any of the items from inside your eggs, you would need 364 chocolates.  However, there is usually some luck during the collecting.  I personally aimed for the 100 chocolates to buy the bunny first, and managed to obtain some of the other items during that time.  Then, as I worked towards 100 chocolates to eat, I got the spring robes.

Start with the opening quest “A Tisket, A Tasket, A Noblegarden Basket” – 10 chocolates needed

Noble Gardner – Title “the Noble” is awarded upon completion of the following achievements:

“I Found One” – Pick up that first egg! egg-in-brill

“Chocoholic” – Eat 100 chocolates.

“Hard Boiled” – Best to do with a partner.  Go to Golakka Hot Springs in Un'Goro, turn each other into bunnies with the Blossoming Branch then stay still until you lay a tiny colored egg.

“Noble Garden” – Costs 5 chocolates to purchase one.  Then you must hide it in Silvermoon if you are Horde or Stormwind if you are Alliance.  Oh, and you can collect it again if you want!

“Desert Rose” – Costs 50 chocolates to buy the Spring Robes.  Wear them (Warning: they are skimpy on females!) and “use” them to plant flowers in the designated desert regions.

“Spring Fling” – Take your bunny (which costs 100 chocolates if you did not find one in an egg) and let them fall in love (and subsequently mate) in the 4 egg hunt towns.  (Horde: Razor Hill, Falconwing Square, Brill, and Bloodhoof Village.  Alliance: Kharanos, Goldshire, Azure Watch, and Dolanaar.)

“Shake Your Bunny-Maker”Spring Flowers cost 50 chocolates.  They have a 5 minute cooldown (which can suck).  Use them to bestow bunny ears on a female character of each race, but keep in mind, they must be level 18 or higher.

“Blushing Bride”White Tuxedo Shirt costs 25 chocolates and the Black Tuxedo Pants cost 25 chocolates.  Wear them and /kiss someone wearing the Elegant Dress.  (Bonus: the shirt, pants, and dress are all tradeable!)

Egg Collecting: Camp vs. Huntegg-in-crate-in-canoe3

I say: Hunt!

It's much more fun to run around as intended in search of the eggs.  Sure, you might establish a route to run, but the more people using this method the better.  Overall, you will likely collect more eggs in a short amount of time this way.  Most of the people I encountered were also hunting.  There were a few people camping spawn points, but they weren't always quick enough to get them first.  Plus, it was sort of fun racing and running into the same people.  I experienced very few people being nasty over the eggs (despite hearing from Twitter and other blogs of people being rude).  When searching for eggs, check those nooks and crannies! Some were very strategically placed and difficult to discover!


Now, you might be thinking, “The Noble” isn't a fitting title for my character.  And this may very well be true.  Honestly, what warlock could be considered noble?  I guess you could say she's dual spec'd for good and evil, perhaps?

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  • For me this Holiday was all about the Cutesy wutsie bunneh 😀 I’m not nutz about collecting pets but i’m not passing up one that’s practically free. You’ll be seeing me escorting orphans around very soon. 😀

  • I have enjoyed working on this set of achievements and still have a few things to accomplish. I did both…camped and hunt for eggs.

  • The circlet. I am all about teh bunneh earz.
    Seriously, I’ve gotten the ears on three different toons, now, and I’m thinking I’ve got at least 3 more who really need them.

  • Outside of the ridiculous amount of eggs it took me to find an Elegant Dress, the meta achievement was really simple. I didn’t mind a simple one considering that Children’s Week looks to be a bit brutal and starts tomorrow lol. I can’t stress enough how much easier it is to farm eggs if you do the quest for the basket first to get the run speed boost every 10 seconds. A guildie of mine used a Warlock friend and got the title on her level 2.. 2!

  • @KitnKat – The bunneh was incredibly adorable. And it was kinda fun being turned into one as well! I’m looking forward to Children’s Week too.. more pets! 😀

    @Keli – Doing a combination of camping and hunting seemed to work best. Sometimes I needed a breather and would sit still, but not intentionally camping. The basket made it fun to zoom around!

    @T-Sonn – I think the ears are cute too. I have the circlet and will definitely be keeping it. I sorta wish there were a couple different colors for the elegant dress, but, oh well, it’s a nice shade o’ pink!

    @Dav – Haha, thank you! 😛

    @Fear – Yeah, I’m not sure I’ll be able to provide a Children’s Week guide…. it looks like a lot is going into that one. So, not sure I’ll be Matron Syrana anytime soon. And I do like the basket speed boosts. Sort of a bummer it only works in limited areas, but fun anyway! Although, it was amusing when I killed a bear by whacking it with the flowers and basket. hehe

  • Akromah got the 2 chocolate eating achievements, bought the companion rabbit & found the Elegant Dress, Spring Robes & Tuxedo. Now to get the guy to smooch me ingame before Saturday. 😉

    Leota has the Polymorph:Rabbit spell, which makes her smile in that goofy undead way. She found the companion rabbit & the tuxedo.

    I camped at first, but ended up hunting because I got bored. It was very fun to find the eggs hiding in the bushes that the other hunters passed right by!

  • Yees, the outfit!
    I’m myself a collecter (i collect even stupid low lvl tailoring robes, lol) and love to dress up different. Look at my block on the left side 😉 Won’t log off with anything else anymore, haha!


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