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Today marks the beginning of the next in game holiday, Children's Week.  I'm interested to see how it has been revamped.  I know there are achievements associated with the holiday that weren't around in the past, so this shall be interesting.  Although… free pets! Woo!

Can I keep her, please?
Can I keep her, please?

Today also marks the beginning of the Child's Play charity auction over at The Hunting Lodge.  Go here for the list of auction items as well as the information on how to get started.  I have my eye on a few items already and hope it won't break my bank.  Time to grind more dailies I guess.  Err, wait, I am paid a salary rate.  Well, that won't work… anywho, go check it out!


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Sharing is caring!


  • Logged in this morning and got my orphan, already to go when the whisle blows at 3:30 😀
    Going now to check out the auctuon too

  • Haha, i love childrens week- the pets are pretty cool. I still have my turtle, need another year to get veteran nanny though.

    Ohhh auction time!

  • That orphan is a bomb totting terrorist that is using innocent adventurers like us to distribute her payload across Azeroth and Outland… (Or so I have been reliably informed)

    Steal her pet and leave her to fend for herself!

  • @KitnKat & @Kromus – I certainly hope you check out the auction 🙂

    @Kit, @Kromus, & @Gnomer – The pets are one of my favorite parts of this week. *nodnod* As for the children running some sort of ‘operation’.. hmm.. well, I can turn a blind eye if I get a cut.

    Crap, guess I shoulda taken that payoff then, eh?


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