Everyone Loves A Parade Family Board Game Playthrough

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Tonight we all play Everyone Loves A Parade which we received from Calliope Games. Who doesn't love a parade?

We first demoed this game while at Origins 2019 and the kids had so much fun playing it. We love how easy it is to teach and it's fun for both kids and adults to play together. Everyone Loves a Parade is an excellent choice for family game night!

We briefly go over how to play Everyone Loves a Parade then playthrough a full game with 4 players.

How to Set Up and Play Everyone Loves a Parade:

For set up, each player selects a color and has the matching meeples and parade float card. Place crowd cards face down – you need the number of players times three (so in our 4 player game we have 12 crowd cards). Next lay out 5 decoration cards face up above the crowd cards.

There are 3 turns each round and a total of 3 rounds. On your turn, you select a decoration from the warehouse (face up cards) or blind draw off the deck. You immediately add that card to your parade float. Each decoration has an action that you may do when drafting your card.

Then you use the Order cards to determine which player selects a crowd card first. Going in order of lowest to highest Order card, players may perform the special ability then place a parade meeple on their chosen crowd card.

Points are then added up for each card matching the decoration type dice (balloons, flags, flowers) and each matching color dice (red, blue, yellow).

Note: You cannot have 2 reds or 2 balloons on one crowd card. Duplicates are removed before scoring. You can have a balloon and a flag on one as well as more than one color.

Discard all decoration cards then flip over the next set of crowd cards equal to the number of players. The start player for the next round is the player with the lowest score.

What is your favorite thing to see in a parade? Tell us in the comments below!

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