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250px-skeletor-spooI just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that there is still a Rogue here. Syrana and her Warlocks get all the fun (and probably rightfully so.) I am, obviously, no expert on the Rogue class and I definitely don't claim to be. I play it the way that I have the most fun, though I try to read up on spec and theory here and there.

I started the Rogue class because I always enjoyed the stealthy, ninja-style of play in other games. Though, the Rogue isn't exactly like that, but it has some similarities. Maybe it's my pacifist nature. I'd rather sneak around the big guy rather than fight him. It also helps when needing to kill a named guy at the end of a cave. I can just pick him out and then leave without them knowing. Hehe..

I leveled Sideshow up as mainly Combat Daggers on my way to 60 and probably on through to 70 for most of the time. Towards 70 I did pick up an off-hand sword to see how that played out. After I was 70 for awhile, I spent some time grinding honor for some PvP items and I went Assassination/Mutilate for that period. With some of the new changes to the Assassination tree, I'm still playing that build now. I've always liked the daggers and I use Backstab and Ambush a lot, so I try to keep with those builds. I did play with Sublety on another Rogue that I leveled on Syrana's old server, but he's frozen in time at Level 53. It was definitely a lot of fun and killed a lot faster than I expected it to.

Well, all that PvP grinding helped me out in WotLK since I finally (at Level 78.5) replaced my Merciless Gladiator's Leather Helm when I picked up the Helm of the Avenging Protector from the Reclmation quest line in Shalozar Basin. But, I'm sad to say that I now look like (more of) a freak. I was rockin' the Skeletor look before, but now I look like some sort of mutated ram. Though, I still have my Guardian's Leather Belt, which is the last pre-WotLK item I have on now.

I do have to say that grouping with an Affliction Warlock while questing is a very nice tag team. I start the pull with an Ambush or Cheap Shot and then she DoTs up and Shadow Bolts the crap out of it while I (usually) keep it stunned. We have it down to a science now.

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  • We have it too well worked out… those poor souls don’t even get to experience a fraction of the anguish I can inflict!


  • I’m leveling a Rogue atm who is 22 but I have no clue what to level him as. I know Combat/Swords was the cookie cutter leveling spec in TBC but all Rogues I know now are daggers.

    I’ll primarily be questing my way all the way up so any advice on a good leveling spec?

  • Truthfully, I’ve done all three and they all work great. I think Combat (either Swords or an off-hand Sword) may be the best bet. It’s been awhile since I’ve just leveled a solo Rogue.

  • Thankfully, blizz also has a solution for bad hair. Barbers can’t do much for your face though…

    on the old mask come to think of it it also looks like an incubi mask from warhammer 40k.


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