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ZOMG!?!? You like me?

Poor, poor Sideshow.  He has 1 female character out of all his characters.  While she was doing some banking in Stormwind, he randomly was whispered and the above conversation took place.  Actually, the initial whisper didn't get captured.  After Sideshow checked out who this person was and they asked him to be his girlfriend, that's when I demanded screenshots!

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  • Wait.. people actually just randomly ask someone to be their girlfriend and expect it to work?

    I’m gonna whisper the first female toon I see when I log on and say “AMG B MAH GRLFRENZ PLOX!”. I bet I have more luck than this guy.

  • Actually, that is the initial whisper. The only thing he did previously was to wave at me, which is why I checked to see who he was.

    Syrana got a few whispers that night on the same server on her female human Warlock. And a funny thing is, he whispered her, also, but it didn’t go as far. Probably because I’m hotter.

  • It’s just like first grade.
    “Will you be my girlfriend?”
    “What about now?”
    Except back then there were fewer guys that looked exactly like girls.

  • Yeah, later I got a whisper of some guy asking me to go on a date… in Goldshire. I will have to share those screenshots as well. Then later that same guy that hit on Sideshow whispered me, but backed off pretty quick… he didn’t get to find out I was actually a girl. haha

  • @Gnomer – No, I wasn’t jealous… I got hit on later that night 😛 Plus, Sideshow said it’d be funny to see how he’d react to me!

  • Anyone who knows me know my uh… fairly high population of female Tauren characters. Can’t really explain it. Somehow most of my 80s ended up being moocows. /shrug

    *Anyway*… somehow, my cows (played by a guy) get hit on a lot more than my fiancee’s female characters do. I’m not even *doing* anything. Just minding my own business.

    The worst I’ve had was a Warlock I had grouped with suggest to me that my Hunter’s pet’s loyalty (yeah, back in the day) would go up faster if I had bestiality sex with it. Also, he’d like to watch plz.



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