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“Mmhmpf,” Aerissa mumbled as she stirred slightly in her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes and tried to focus on the source of the warm, wet, sensation on the palm of her right hand.  She sat up with a start as she realized it was a Lynx licking her hand.  Aerissa trembled slightly, fearful of what this creature may do.


The Lynx lowered itself to a submissive position, its stomach inches from the ground, but not quite laying down.  It sniffed at the air and gently nudged her hand.  Aerissa froze in place, uncertain what to do.  Just as her stomach rumbled loudly, the Lynx darted off into the woods.  Aerissa breathed a sigh of relief, uncertain what to make of the creature's actions towards her.

She rubbed the palm of her hand on her dirty pants, trying to remove the drying spittle left by the Lynx's tongue.  Aerissa tried to sit up, but her left hip was aching and sore.  Aerissa gritted her teeth and forced herself to stand and stretch out her tight muscles. She began to hobble through the brightly lit woods in search of a pond or a stream.  She soon found a gently bubbling stream.  Aerissa sighed as she gingerly removed her clothing and carefully lowered herself into the water.   She gasped slightly as the water was cool at first.   She carefully washed her wounds.  As she inspected the deep cut on her left hip, her body began to feel hot with a mix of anger and fear.  It began with a tingling in her hands and traveled throughout her entire body.

His blue eyes flashed hot with anger.  He turned at her quickly, snarling and baring his teeth.  The Human woman gasped, covering her mouth with her hand.  She looked around nervously as she clutched her shirt to her chest.

“How… how could you?” Aerissa wailed, tears spilling over and onto her cheeks.  Her chest ached with betrayal and hurt.  The world wavered before her.  She shook her head, trying to swipe away the tears.

“Why couldn't you mind your own business!” He spat through clenched teeth as he sprinted towards her.

Aerissa rubbed at her eyes with the back of her hand, but the tears were coming much too fast.  As the elven man closed the gap between them, she heard the faint sound of a dagger being unsheathed.


“Wha-” Aerissa froze up as she saw him gripping the dagger in his right hand.  Realizing what he meant to do, she fumbled for hers, her ears deafened by the sound of her own heartbeat.

Her foot met his chest in a powerful kick as he loomed closer.  His mouth opened, but no sound came out as he staggered back.  He rubbed at his chest, then came at her again.  She reached into a pouch at the small of her back, then flicked her wrist at him.  The throwing knife nicked his shoulder, but he continued moving, oblivious to it.  She flicked another one, which embedded itself in his right hand.  He reflexively opened and closed his hand at the pain, dropping his dagger.

“Why you little-” He growled as he reached for her.  Aerissa tried to sidestep him, but he was more agile than she.  He clamped his hand around her throat, driving her head back into a tree.  The throwing knife was still embedded in his hand, blood flowing from it down his arm in rivulets.

“Xan-”  Aerissa jumped and splashed at the sound of the Lynx's low growl.  He had returned and was just beyond the edge of the stream.  Aerissa's body tensed, full of fear from the memories and of realizing how vulnerable she was at this very moment.

The Lynx pawed at the ground, dropping something carefully from its mouth.  He let forth a throaty “mroaw,” before taking a drink from the stream.  Aerissa stayed as still as she could while treading water.  The Lynx seemed to roll his eyes at her as he backed away from the stream.  He sniffed at the object he had dropped, then darted off into the woods again.

Aerissa eyed the edge of the woods careful as she approached the shore.  She carefully dried and dressed her wounds, wincing at the mixed feelings her hip wound invoked.  After she finished redressing, she hobbled over to see what the Lynx had dropped.

She raised her eyebrows as she recognized the coppery smell as she got closer.  Aerissa drew in a sharp breath as she attempted to squat down and ended up awkwardly kneeling.  She frowned at first, seeing the broken neck of the rabbit, its white fur stained with its own blood.  But then, she noticed that there were two, and the only damage was from the Lynx's strong jaws around their necks.

“Food…” Aerissa felt her stomach rumble.  “He brought me meat!”

** Please note that some of the events included in RP pieces are based upon actual in-game role play.  Also, some of the events and/or character names may have been altered during the transition from in-game RP to story formation. **

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