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As some of you may know, our guild is not a raiding guild.  However, that doesn't mean we don't know how to play or don't want to see content.  I posted previously about our first attempt at 10man Naxxramas.  Since that post, we have gone into Naxx 2 more times.

We have not been able to finish off the Arachnid Quarter though due to that evil spidey, Maexxna.  However, the last time we went in, we took down Anub'Rehkan and Faerlina quite quickly.  After getting stuck on Maexxna, we decided to head into the Plague Quarter.  There, we were able to easily down Noth the Plaguebringer.  We attempted the Heigan dance a couple times before calling it as we hit our time limit.

One of the things I did find interesting about the Naxx progress was the fact that only about 4-5 of us were signed up for all those runs.  So, to look at the progress we've made since that first attempt, it's interesting to note that we had different group compositions each time and people new to the fights.

Well, we've been interested in trying to schedule 10man raids for once a week or at least every other week.  We've even ventured into old content.  Last weekend we didn't have enough people for Naxx and after attempting to find PuGs to fill those spots, we decided to tear through Karazhan.  Let me tell ya, that was a blast.

But this week, we decided to check out Obsidian Sanctum.  A few guildies have experienced 10 and 25 man versions through PuGs, but many of us had not stepped inside Sartharion's lair.  We tried to schedule an OS run a few weeks ago, but ended up being short a tank and healer due to real life issues that arose.  But last night, we had enough people and were ready to go.

I know, what a way for Sideshow and I to spend our anniversary… raiding! The couple that games together, stays together, amirite?

Anyway, so we go in, a few of us have read the strats, a couple people have cleared it before.  We're pumped, primed, and confident.  We decide to take the drakes left to right.

We wipe on the first trash pull.

This shakes us a little, but not by much.  It appeared to be a mismarking of which of those nasty bastards would die first.

We try again – no problem.

We have a few deaths here and there, but nothing too bad.

First drake – down.

Second drake – down.

Third drake (Such a beautiful looking drake, btw!)- down, but with only the tank, myself and a couple other DPS still alive.

By this time, we're definitely pumped.  We totally got this!

The lava starts to get to me, and I'm feelin' hot.  I notice my felpuppy burning in the liquid hawt mag-mah.

It's time for Sartharion.

There was some confusion about the lava waves, but someone was trying to call them out.  My addon's timer seemed to be off by a few seconds.  Somehow, I seem to figure out where I should be for all waves except one, but I live through it.

Unfortunately, we wiped on the first attempt, but Sarth was down to around 20ish%.

During wipe recovery, the 2 raid leaders are talking about the waves.  I make a comment that I was guessing but seemed to be in the right places at the right times.

I'm then donned with a star.  I get to be the beacon for ranged DPS if they do not know where to go when the waves come.

I joke that I have the Deathstar above my head and give fair warning that I could not guarantee anyone's safety.


We start our second attempt.  The first wave I didn't get out of the way in time and took some damage.  All the rest, I was able to dance around beautifully.  Everyone had an easier time after seeing how the waves moved across the island.

So the 2nd attempt on Sartharion resulted in:


Now we wanna do it every week!

Oh and if anyone is curious, we ran this with 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 6 DPS (mainly melee).  And I'm not too sure how everyone else does the drakes, but the strats I've read talked about having at least some of the group go through all the portals.  We didn't go in any except the last one.

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  • Congrats on Sartharion. It really is an easy fight if you can not fail on the lava waves. It is a lot more fun with a drake up.

  • Nice job! we’ve done it 3D 25 man but can’t get it 10 man….10 man is harder is some cases due to the fact if 1/10 dies then its a lot worse then 1/25.

  • Congratulations! I’ve only ever done it on 10, but when we do it the MT and the tanky-type healer (that’d be me, holy pally) stays out of the portal and the rest go in.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  • “The couple that games together, stays together, amirite?”

    -AMEN! 🙂

    And FYI we def don’t go in the portals for the first two. The dude with the whelps you just have to have a good AoE tank and stack up to manage. The other one is pretty cake. You need pretty decent DPS, but it’s so much easier if you have smart tanks.

  • @Darraxus – Thanks! I’m hoping we can look at leaving 1 drake up after a few more clears with none… get it down pat first.

    @Kromus – Thanks! Yeah, 10s suffer more when you lose someone, it seems, especially with all 3 drakes up.

    @Kimberly – Thanks 😀

    @Fulguralis – You definitely understand the gamer couple-ness 😉 I just thought it was interesting because a few different strats I read talked about going thru 2 portals. One strat said the OT should go thru the portal with the whelps. Strat guides are not the end all be all of how to accomplish fights though. It did go pretty smooth the way we did it though, so that’s good!


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