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While I knew I would not be able to achieve the title of The Love Fool this year, I still wanted to complete as many of the activities/achievements as possible. Now, I know some people have never participated in such events in WoW before, and some (astonishingly) think these are new, but I have always participated in them.  For some reason though, I think I liked them better “back in the day.”

Anywho, for any of you that are interested in seeing what progress I made, here it is for ya.  I finally got the lovely black dress on Syrana just before I called it a night.  But not once did I receive a bag of candy.  Oh and I was only 3 class/race combos short of the “Fist Full of Love” achievement.  I just didn't have enough rose petals.


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Sharing is caring!


  • I got two of the dresses and 5 picnic baskets, but not a single perma peddle 🙁 Especially sucks as I am still two pets away from getting my skunk.

  • I had the same frustration with this Achievement. I finished every meta Achievement except for the Candies! Throughout that whole time, I recieved a whopping 2 bags. My first one had 8 differenet ones & my second one that I got last night, had none. So needless to say, EPIC FAIL BLIZZ!

    I hope Cupid shot you in the ass with his arrow.

  • Ha, you cats are stealing my posting thunder. Now what am I going to QQ about today? Maybe I’ll just babble some more about gear. Hmm…

    All I can say is I’m glad I opted out of trying to do this one from what I hear. I love having holiday stuff, but suspect that achievements may be the worst thing to have happened to them. Especially making them part of a much larger drake-rewarded achievement. Whereas I used to sometimes dabble just because they are fun and switch stuff up, now I avoid the frustration and masses that follow these.

    In short, I’d have to agree with you, Syrana, they were better before the achievements.

  • @Darraxus – Yeah, the wonderful RNG is a bit weird on this holiday.

    @Fuu – I don’t know what was more frustrating, not getting any candies to make phrases or not being able to eat the ones that were sent to me in the mail. 😛

    @Fulg – I don’t mean to steal anything, I swear! I still haven’t posted my Achievements Shared Topic yet… this will add to it, that is for sure. Especially since the concept of that post was all lovey dovey of achievements. Now it will get some balance!

  • I kind of cheated on the petals – I had red roses in my bank from the year 2006, and the re-usable bouquet effect counted for that achievement.

    Then I ended up destroying tons of petals during my lengthy search for candy hearts, so I guess it balanced out.

  • @Green Armadillo – Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I wish I had gotten the red roses previously. Of course, I managed to complete two achievements that don’t count for the meta.

    But, hey, the Perma-Peddle became pet #46!

  • I had rose petals left…but I don’t know if they were soul bound or not…it was funny some things were while others weren’t. I would have given you the petals if I had known and if they were giveable. I couldn’t even get a broken heart for you to mend…but luckily you were able to finish that. I still have chocolates too..hope they don’t disappear! lol


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