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For those readers within the United States, today we have a holiday: Memorial Day.  Many of us have off of work (or school) and have a tradition of traveling, grilling out, and spending time with family on this day.  Memorial Day is also a day to remember those that have served in the US Military, especially those that never returned home.

Today, I would like us to take a glimpse at who would be honored if there was a Memorial Day in World of Warcraft.  I want to thank @Athryn, @Kenichan, and @Samodean for responding to my tweets requesting feedback on a list of fallen heroes. 

After looking at the list below, who else would you add?

hordecrestOrgrim Doomhammer

He was the Warchief of the Orcs during the First and Second Wars.  He was suspicious of Gul'dan and his motives, and thus worked to gather information about the Shadow Council and attempted to eradicate Gul'dan's forces.  Orgrim was also diplomatic in his dealings with the trolls and goblins, working to develop alliances with them.  He sought out Thrall in the Alterac Mountains and helped him to develop a plan to free their people from the internment camps of the Alliance.  The Alliance ambushed the Orcs, and Orgrim named Thrall the new Warchief as he fell as well as giving him his signature weapon and armor.

Grommash “Grom” Hellscream

Grom was Thrall's best friend and adviser.  Grom was the first Orc to drink the blood of Mannoroth, which bound the Orcs into slavery with the Burning Legion.  Grom and Thrall fought Mannoroth in Ashenvale, where they defeated the demon with Grom sacrificing his life for his people.

Durotan and Draka

Durotan and Draka were Thrall's father and mother.  Durotan, Chief of the Frostwolf Clan, was exiled due to not following Gul'dan.  Durotan, Draka, and infant Thrall had traveled to visit Ogrim about confronting Gul'dan.  However, some of Ogrim's men were Gul'dan spies who assassinated Durotan and Draka as they were falsely led to believe they were being escorted to a safe place.  The assassins left infant Thrall to die in the woods near the corpses of his parents.

Saurfang the Younger

Saurfang the Younger was one of the brave men that battled in front of the Wrath Gate.  His life was taken by the Lich King, his soul absorbed by the Lich King's runeblade, Frostmourne.

Mankrik's Wife

Thousands have paid homage by searching for the final resting place of her beaten corpse along the southern road in The Barrens.  She fought valiantly against Quilboars before meeting her demise.  Her disillusioned husband spends his days within the Crossroads, sending young adventurers out to find her and to exact revenge upon the Quilboar.

alliancecrestMuradin Bronzebeard (fallen and reborn, of sorts)

Muradin is the younger brother of the dwarven King Magni Bronzebeard.  Muradin helped found the Explorer's Guild, which is dedicated to exploration and archeology throughout the world.  Muradin was fascinated with Northrend and went in search of Frostmourne.  Arthas had Muradin lead him to Frostmourne.  It had been believed for quite sometime that Muradin had died in the explosion of incased ice upon Frostmourne's retrieval; however, Muradin had merely been injured.  Muradin had suffered amnesia and had been taken in by the Frostborn Dwarves in Dragonblight.

Uther the Lightbringer

Lord Uther was a paladin in service of the Knights of the Silver Hand.  He was a well respected member of the Alliance.  Lord Uther was murdered by his student, Arthas, as Lord Uther sought to protect the urn containing the ashes of Arthas's father, King Terenas.

Bolvar Fordragon

Highlord Bolvar had been the interm leader of Stormwind during King Varian's absence.  After the King's return, Bolvar set off to Northrend to lead the Valiance Expedition.  Bolvar commanded and led Alliance forces to the battle of Wrath Gate.  Shortly after the Lich King takes Saurfang the Younger's life, Putress unleashes a new plague upon Horde and Alliance forces alike in an attempt to attack the Lich King.  Bolvar does not survive and dies before Alexstraza can arrive to stop the rogue apothecary.

Taretha “Tari” Foxton

Taretha's mother was hired by Aedelas Blackmoore to wetnurse infant Thrall after he was found in the woods.  However, it was Taretha that observed that infant Thrall was in need of milk just like a human baby, which saved his life at a very young age.  Taretha helped produce books on military strategies for Thrall to read and maintained hidden correspondence through the book deliveries.  Taretha became Aedelas's mistress by force as she grew older.  Taretha helped Thrall escape by providing an escape route, supplies, and a distraction.  Aedelas discovered what she had done and had her beheaded.  When Thrall approached to attack, Aedelas tossed Taretha's head down to him.

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  • What’s important is that you *did* remember Mankirk’s Wife!

    It’s the common soldier that often gets short shrift by remembrancers!

  • Sully Balloo! You forgot Sully, the brave hero of Dun Modr who drowned tragically under the Thandol Span, leaving only a sad, sad letter to his ever hopeful wife and a ridiculous amount of XP for adventurers who find him and carry out her wishes.

    The Sully Balloo letter is, by the way, based on or copied from (I forgit) a real American Civil War letter.

  • You forgot the most important of all heroes on both sides: the anonymous footmen and grunts who fought, bled and died in service to their people.

    The famous and well-known dead too often have their own day of remembrance, which the common dog-face soldier lives and dies in anonymity, yet is the one who really deserve to be honoured.

  • Very awesome post. It’s nice to see lore related posts every so often because some people forget that there really is a storyline going on.

    <3 Gul’dan. He was my inspiration for my first Warlock back on Agamaggon.

  • @Windpaw – Thanks. I do think it’s sad that they never gave her a name (unless I just have missed it).

    @Cailleach – That’s a wonderful addition! I will have to read more about that quest. I don’t believe I have ever done it (I’m mostly a Horde girl).

    @teh Khol Abides – Very true. Although I had listed Mankrik’s wife, I had not included all the nameless heroes that have sacrificed their lives for the betterment of Azeroth.

    @Abi – Thanks! Gul’dan is certainly a good example for a badass warlock 😛


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