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Last Week's Recap

Congratulations go to Erinys! Rage Fang Shrine in Grizzly Hills was correct!  It is more than possible that there are other campfires throughout the game that are cooking fish, but this specific screenshot was taken at Rage Fang Shrine.

Introducing. . .

A little bit of scenery for your viewing pleasure!


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  • Ahh the rolling fields of Mulgore. One of my favorite zones. I am going to have to take it over so I can enjoy it more without the Tauren running after me :).

  • Mulgore is pretty, thats for sure, and i sure love the infastructure (or lack of, technically) of Thunder Bluff.

    I think Taurens have a pretty awesome starting zone and collection of quests, but my favorite is either Draenai, Human or Undead. Man i love Undead. Why can’t Undead be Alliance :'( they look so cooL!


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