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I know last week I mentioned my playing and posting may be affected with the release of Sims 3, but this week it's a bit of a different situation.

As I mentioned in Friday's post, there's some stuff going on at work.  And things will seem worse before getting better as my duties are temporarily increased.  (How temporary is anyone's guess at this point.)  I'm a bit drained mentally and emotionally with the abruptness and everything that surrounds someone above me being let go.  So, I need some time to process what's all goin' down at the office and deal with it.  (As well as some later hours to go along with that).  I would guess I'll be back to my normal (outside of work) routine by next week.

So, I'm sorry to say this Tuesday's RP post is on hold.  I'll try to get to some posting this week, but no guarantees.  Like right now, I'd just love to nap.  (Although, this might be a great chance for Sideshow to get a word in edgewise!)  Oh, and if anyone would be interested in guest posting this week, that'd be wonderful too, just send me an email through the contact form or to: syrana [at] sideshowandsyrana [dot] com.

Although, instead of a nap, I think I'll go play Simgod.  It's days like these that I don't feel up to playing social games like WoW.  (Sad, but true.)


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Sharing is caring!


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    Relax, have a tasty beverage, listen to some metal, unwind. . .come back refreshed. . .


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