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And not the good kind of funky either, I'm afraid.

Work is still nothing short of Hell at the moment.  I love how at work, they talk about not bringin' your personal issues with you to the office, but they don't seem to care if work issues are spilling over into your personal life.

I also know I've read plenty of “how to improve your blog” posts that say don't apologize for not posting.

Well fie on you.

First, I do want to apologize for my lack of posting.  I know I gave all of you a heads up, but I still don't like knowing I'm slackin' here right now.  I'm going to ease back into the routine this week and be back to my regular posting schedule next week.  I tell you this so you know what to expect.  I feel that I should let you know in case you are wondering or concerned that I'll disappear.  (We've all seen that happen too much lately, afterall.)  I also want to say that I will be back to my normal schedule of posting next week because it will help me pull outta this funk.

As I said before, work is still just… ugh.  (Ramble incoming) So, I haven't played WoW in 2 weeks now, and I probably won't log back into it until this weekend.  I planned to go on for a bit last weekend, but just wasn't feeling it.

But I am not burnt out of WoW.

I just want to make that clear.  This work crap is weighing on me a lot and stressing me out.  If anything, I'm burnt out of my RL profession right now.  Unfortunately, that's a lot harder to cancel my subscription to.  My workload has increased due to my supervisor being let go and another staff member having just left for a 3 month leave.  The interim supervisor and myself have found even more “mess” to take care of and try to straighten out…. while trying to keep things operating AND get everyone's performance up.

As you might imagine, this has piled a lot of work and stress upon my shoulders (and believe me, my back is feelin' it).  Granted, with the economy as it is right now, I am thankful to have a job… I just can also see some more “cuts” on the horizon that won't make things any better workload-wise or morale-wise.  So, this has spilled over into my personal time.  A few nights of staying a bit later than usual… more calls to my cell phone after hours (as well as bombarded more frequently when I'm at my desk)… which leads to me not feeling like dealing with anyone or anything when I get home.

And this sucks, because it is sucking my enjoyment out of things simply by affecting my mood.  I don't want to inflict gchat with my crappy mood (or deal with potential drama if something is goin' down).  I just want to “be.”  Which, of course, has also affected my muse for writing and posting.  (Damn you muse, you fickle mistress.)  When I'm in a funk, I tend to do a bit of isolation until things smooth out again.

The funk is still here, and probably will be for a bit.  However, it's not quite as bad as it was last week.  Some of my extra workload will be lifted from my shoulders by next week as well (not all, of course, but enough) as I work on getting the interim supervisor up to speed on our daily operations and whatnot.

Thank you for your patience.  Your regular entertainment shall return shortly. 😉

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Sharing is caring!


  • First you apologize for not posting.

    Then you apologize for breaking the “no apology post” in a post of its own.

    Then you apologize for making a post about apologizing for breaking the “no apology post” rule.

    And so on. And so forth. Thus, the “no apology post” is a downward spiral into madness (which, in reality, is actually Sparta).

  • That is alright , i am in a slomp as well. not posting as much as i should. But i am busy with work and my Alt.s , raidin as well . Not much time to rant about stuff

  • Just hold that Gnome soulshard close… when you need some inspiration, some little thing to clear the nasal passages… take a sniff.

    I know you aren’t going anywhere…. I still have more soul to farm…

    But I am happy if you only steal a little every now and then…

    Take it easy…

  • Everyone will be happy to see you when you log on! No one has been /nom nom on souls…and we need to see that /hairflip you do so well! Love ya!

  • I completely understand where you’re coming from. My workplace has seen its share of layoffs, furloughs and people leaving. The workforce contracts but the work stays the same.

    Keep your chin up…we’ll all be here when things smooth out!

  • You should be ashamed!

    You won’t catch me not posting for days and days and days and then explaining why I didn’t post. (Apart from today’s post that is) (oh, and earlier ones that did.) *ahem* 🙂

    The tough economic times are having an impact on all of us. There have been a load of redundancies where I work (the journalism business not being what it once was) and strangely, that’s lead me to play WoW less rather than more. The thing is, I want brainless escape, rather than challenging escape. So TV beats WoW, for a while at least.

  • If you are at a loss for content but have the time to write… try to apply work theories to game problems. OR, just make up a whole conversation at work with WoW terms and reproduce it in its entirety for our collective amusement.

    Or just, ya know, focus on what you need to do cuz that’s a way better idea anyways. My content has sucked lately due to lack of play time, so I feel ya :-).

  • There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, take the time you need. Heck you might need more than one more week to recharge and get things under control and that’s ok too.

    I can relate to the high demands of work. I’ve been there too when I was in the corporate world. Oh how I loved ‘extra stuff’ being put on your plate, and it being expected to be done in the same amount of time. Yes, it can get overwhelming at times. Although I now am a business owner and work from home, still get hammered occasionally. I’ve been in a funk lately because of extra work so yep definitely can relate. If you can squeeze some ‘me time’ in there so you can relax do it. Oh by the way, ‘me time’ does not have to be WOW time or even Sims 3 I know, I know, shocking but true, but I’m sure you know that too. 😉

    In WOW news…
    Deimonia, my little gnome Warlock, hit 80 a little over a week ago. 🙂 A few days ago I respecced to Destro, always been my intention to try out all the trees but heck I’ve been in love with Affliction. I wrote a rambling post on why I made the change a few days ago, heh. I’ll eventually dual-spec and Destro will definitely be my ‘other spec’.

    Hmm, I hope Affliction doesn’t get jealous. 😉

  • @Krizzlybear – Downward Spiral was a good album… but you make a great point! I could have at least 3 posts to stem off this one! 😛

    @Zalenna – Time is certainly part of my problem at the moment… at least on some days. The other part is motivation. I hate coming home from work and feeling like doing nothing, but that’s how it’s been lately. 🙁

    @Gnomer – I am cherishing your soul shard, no worries there! But, I might need to drain off a bit more…

    @Keli – I’m sure Dragon has appreciated that I’ve not been on to consume his soul. He’s probably regenerated enough of it for me to make a couple batches of chocolate covered soul cookies by now! 😉

    @Kimberly – That’s really what sucks in general… the workload requirement doesn’t change based on lack of staff. I appreciate your words, understanding, and support. 🙂

    @Leafshine – I am ashamed 🙁 You are right, brainless escape is nice after a day full of crap. I haven’t been feeling like doing much (not even keeping up on my Google reader very well at all, I’m afraid to say). Sims can be quite mindless… and much like TV if I want to just watch what they’ll do… I’m not required to dictate all their actions.

    @Fulg – I’m not really lacking content, which might seem odd. I have plenty of ideas in drafts and stuff to talk about… it’s the motivation to work on it. When I get home, lately I haven’t wanted to do much of anything. 🙁 Muse has not been so nice for the RP posts… I need to be in the right mindset for that though.

    @Moondancer – Thanks 🙂 You are right, “me time” is definitely in order after a day of emptying my own cup for others. And congrats on 80! I can tell you that Affliction will get jealous if you spend too much time with Destruction. 😛 (I really need to catch up on my reading or I woulda already known this bit of info!)

    @Sideshow – >.>


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