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Last Friday, I hosted another social guild event.  This event was set up (quickly and belatedly) to celebrate the creation of our guild's chapter of OI on Eitrigg, which was created on 2/10/06.  You would think this would have been combined with the previous week's Valentine's Party, but no.  No.  I needed to set up a social event to advertise to all guild members and press upon the importance of our guild leader's attendance for a higher purpose.

To present a special gift.


During the planning our the Valentine event, Neph brought up the idea of presenting our guild leader, Les, with a special gift.  A way to show our appreciation of him.  Her and I were tossing around some ideas such as getting a crafted epic for him.  A few days later, Daank suggested a sweet new ride: the hog.

We knew our very own Goz could craft one (Gozaar Davidson ftw!) and we began planning.  We made announcements to guild members while Les was not on to let people know of this plan and to ask for donations.  We were unable to reach our initial goal of having it ready by the Valentine beach party, but that was fine.  Although, it was ready to leave the shop soon afterwards.  I had to think of a good way to get everyone together again without making Les suspicious and without having to do all sorts of secret communication.

This is when I remembered that our guild chapter was created in February.  A quick /ginfo confirmed that we were a bit belated, but it would suffice.  It would be a wonderful opportunity to get together, have some fun, and present a special gift to a special leader.


Amusing thing though, if you check out the sidebar for Syrana's recent achievements… see it? See the one for the hog?  After Goz created it, he mailed it to me.  I left it in my mailbox until the day of the event because I was ridiculously paranoid of equipping it to myself.  So, about an hour before the event is to begin, I go to take it out of the mailbox in order to wrap it up nice and pretty.

Yeah, as soon as it went into my bag, I got the achievement.  Thank goodness, Les was not on yet.  Although, a few members were not aware of my devious sneaky ways and were genuinely thanking me.  I suppose the achievement technically says “obtain” and not equip, but jeepers!  So, I falsely hold that achievement.

Pictures after the cut!


It was a blast! We had a great turn out of attendees.  We met in Silvermoon City near the fountain.  Drinks, laughs, and dancing started the party off right.  Dande put on another fantastic fireworks show.  There was a lot of excitement in the air, and whispers of anticipation of The Gift.  There were a lot of shrunken guildies, such as Pexto, and circles of moonlight.

Finally, everyone that could make it had arrived.  We sang “Happy Birthday” for our chapter.  We had cake.  Then, I asked Les to join me on the ramp so all could see.  I informed him that as our leader, he would be given a birthday gift.  Les was entirely unsuspecting.  He unwrapped it and his first words were: “OMFG”

Click for larger image

Poppa's Got a Brand New Ride

After the initial shock wore off, he revved that baby up, and we took turns hopping into the sidecar.  We gathered up for a group picture and danced some more.  At this point, most people's words were slurred and questions of “Can I put my clothes back on?” were heard.  (I think that was Noc wondering, mostly!)  Then a brillant idea was announced: “Let's go to Thunder Bluff and jump off in the hog!”

Click for larger image

Whoosh, portals were opened and off we went.  Goz and Les took turns taking us for this crazy base jumping of sorts.  Some, like Gabb, had a bit much to drink and ran off the edge behind the hog.  Good times, good times!

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  • This was a blast!! Yeah guilty as charged with the nakedness. But it was totally funny watching Les in his new DUDE ride with another naked guy in it!!! Hehe thanks again to Les for runnin such an awesome guild as well as Syrana for putting such fun and unique events together!

  • OMG! This was soooo much fun from beginning to end!
    Dancing, surprises, food, drink, and flying hogs and bodies…I laughed sooo much I was cryin’. We have the best GM and a great group of people.

  • This was an amazing event. Thank you again Syrana for putting everything together! You are such an incredible event coordinator.

  • Wow! The entire thing is enough to make any Guild Leader feel soooo appreciated. Did he cry? I’d have cried. *sagenod*

    Too cool though 🙂 I had a good time just reading about it! Sounds like a really great group of people.

  • @Noc – Of course you are guilty as charged, I have screenies to prove it! 😛

    @Keli – I think a lot of us were laughing way too hard!

    @Les – You are welcome and thank you. 🙂

    @Cait – I don’t know if he cried. If he did, he’d never admit it. But he was pleasantly surprised and posted a very heartfelt thank you over the weekend on our guild forums. And I’m glad you enjoyed reading about it! Maybe sometime you can come check out one of our zany events! 😀

  • I agree with Les – Great Job Syr, your the event coordinator’s coordinator

    Congrats Les, wish I could have been there


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