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(Part 42) For the entire list of this series, please go here.

(A friend of mine made this when I started RPing Aly... I recently found it and it seemed fitting)

Scanning the sea of faces in the bazaar was a daunting task.  The place was too busy and the crowds swallowed people up as though they had never been there.  Aly let out a loud sigh, leaning heavily against one of the stalls.  Her head was pounding from the bloodthistle withdrawal, which didn't help the strain her eyes were beginning to feel.  Rubbing her temple, she plopped down onto a crate.

“Wat yu be doin' dere? Get off da wares!” the troll merchant hollered at Alynedarra, shooing her away with her hands.

Alynedarra hopped up, startled.  She turned to look down behind her at the crate, then back up at the troll woman.  “I'm sorry, I just needed a moment.”  She flashed her a weak smile.

The troll woman grunted her displeasure, using her large blue foot to slid the crate back into the confines of the stall.  “Yu be buyin' sumptin, ya?” she cocked her head to the side, placing her hands upon her wide hips.

“No, just passing through…” Aly paused, as though she was contemplating something.  “But maybe you could help me with something?  I lost track of my friend… see…” Aly passed the photo of Aerissa to the merchant.  “And this place is so busy, I'm afraid I won't find her before we're supposed to leave.”  Aly bit the inside of her cheek, forcing a pained expression.

The troll woman squinted at the photo, then shook her head.  “Ay be havin’ da bes’ deals en dis plaise.”  She pointed at random items hanging about her stall.  “Yu fin' sumptin, den we talk.”

“But, I must hurry! We're due to leave soon and if I can't find her she'll be left behind,” Aly pleaded.

The merchant rolled her eyes.  “Ay wont born yesterday.  Yu be lookin' fer dat won, ya, but it ain't be like dat.”  She wagged her finger back and forth, making a tsk tsk sound.

Aly couldn't help but smirk.  “If that is the case, then I think I know what I want.  You sell information?”  She didn't have a lot of experience dealing with the trolls, but traveling merchants came in all types.  She concluded that this woman was well seasoned.

The woman nodded, “An' Ay sell dese lovely beads, yu like, ya?” She lifted the necklace up, dangling it in front of Alynedarra.

“Sure, why not.” Aly rolled her eyes, knowing the cost of the merchandise would be tacked onto the cost of information.  But whatever makes it look legit, I guess… and helps her sleep at night. She glanced over her shoulder, then smiled at the troll woman.  “These are lovely, now when did you see her?”  Aly tapped her finger on the photo.

The merchant shook her head.  “Fer yu, mmm… ten gold.”

Aly muttered under her breath, slapping five gold onto the makeshift counter.  “When?”

“Nine.” The merchant narrowed her eyes at Aly.

Aly added one more gold piece without saying a word.  The merchant placed the necklace over Aly's head.  “Dat be lovely, ya?  Ay tink she be ‘ere yesterday.”

“Yesterday?”  Alynedarra asked in a tone of disbelief.

The two woman stared at each other until Aly added another gold piece.

“No, no.  It be dis mornin' or no…  Ay be ‘memberin' nao.  Dat won dere,” she tapped the photo with a large blue finger.  “She be ‘ere a few ‘ours ago.  Ya, she bought a fancy green dress.”  She swiped the gold from the counter and turned her back on Alynedarra.  “Yu be goin' nao,” she said in a low voice.

Aly slipped backwards into the crowd, disappearing into the crowd before the troll merchant could turn around.  A fancy green dress? What did she need to dress up for? Her mind flooded with thoughts, but none seemed to make sense in light of the information in the contract.  Regardless of the reason, Aly knew she was wasting time in the bazaar now.  Where ever Aerissa was headed, she had a few hours headstart.

Smiling smugly, Aly jogged back to Murder Row.  But at least I know she was just here…

* * *

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  • The hunt is on! Can’t wait till they finally see each other and what the reaction will be!

  • @Cait – Indeed. I had fun writing the troll merchant, but feel I may have dragged it on a bit too long 🙁

    @Keli – If only Aly had any idea where Rissa was headed next! 😛

  • I don’t think it was too dragged on…this part in the story itself is rather short. The post is actually shorter than most of them. Remember when her cat was hurt? Some of those entries were very long! And awesome of course.

    I think any MORE than this and some people might skim over the troll-speak because it is somewhat hard to read. But I think it was fine! 🙂


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