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You ever notice how weird time is? The amount of time in a day is the same… every day.  But some days time seems to drag and other days it flies by.

I definitely find this crazy “fast flying” time to be the case when I take vacation days.  Especially those vacation days where you don't actually leave the house.

I had some time off over this last week, and I had all these plans of things to do during that time.

All these things I wanted to tackle could be boiled down to 3 main categories:

  1. Spend time with Sideshow
  2. Play games
  3. Write blog posts and maybe get a bit ahead of myself!

…I can tell you 2 outta 3 ain't bad.

Of course I got to spend time with Sideshow.  Besides it being our birthday, we like to … well, play games together.

And I've been trying to mix it up a bit.

Yes, I know.   My Facebook gaming has gone beyond research at this point.

I was not very good at disciplining myself to writing time.  Not a huge thing, but man, is it easy to lose track of time when you get into a gaming groove.

For example, I picked up Harvest Moon: Animal Parade over the weekend for the Wii.  I love Harvest Moon and have played about 3 other of its titles on the Gamecube.  Well, that game can really suck you in as you get into your farming and ranching routine; picking mushrooms, herbs, and berries; talking to the townsfolk; wooing a townie; and working on the game objectives to save the town and restore nature's balance.

I love it.

Then we also picked up Wii Fit Plus.  Sideshow had already purchased Wii Fit and the board several months ago (after my nagging about wanting it).  He'd been using Fit, but I still had yet to step onto that board.  We picked up Plus because it has some neat and helpful additions to it.

Well, I finally got on there and am making it a goal to get on it daily, even if it's only 15-20 minutes a day.

So here I am, being pulled towards newly purchased games that demand my love and affection.  (Gawd how I love that new game smell!) But all my other games cannot be out done.

See, I had this plan to go wild with completing dailies, maybe finally pug it up with Syrana, work on my baby priest, and tackle some more Loremaster.

I spent, at the most, a couple hours on WoW during my extended weekend….so… yeah.

Then I remember… oohh, I need to putz around with Aion

I planned on it…

I only have a couple more days before my subscription runs out…

I still haven't logged in.  I haven't logged in for a couple months now.  I talked about re-evaluating my subscription, but I haven't even logged in to do it.  I think that's more telling than anything else right now, don't you think?

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Sharing is caring!


  • It’s good to be organized and what not, but…

    “They just did what seemed like fun at the time.”

    Roll with it.

    It’s your schedule and YOUR time. If you want to spend a month straight blogging about your boring dailies and what tiny little details you’ve observed in some patch note that was never made official…GO FOR IT!

    If you’d like to turn this into a “Month of Aion” by Syrana…be our guest 🙂

    I gotta tell ya deary, we come here because of the way you write and that you’re kind of like…our friend…so we’ll come here regardless of how well you maintain a schedule of gaming or what have you.

    I feel like, the more a game is on a schedule, the less fun it will become. You’ll make it all seem like a job. “Well, it’s 5:30pm, I have no choice but to log into this game because it’s time to do that…”

    Be spontaneous, love a lot, and have a blast 🙂 Throw the schedule out the window and just be mindful when you’re choosing your next great adventure because you have sooo many great options!


  • To express a similar sentiment to Cait…

    Do whatever you find most enjoyable and fulfilling!

    The rest of us will just have to deal.

  • What they said, and…

    Try out that Wii Fit!. I plan on dusting mine off in the next day or so, since I have hit the “not another random” doldrums on what seems to be my whole character list on two realms. Hubby still thinks it was a waste of money, with all the use it’s not been getting. It was fun the couple times I did use it, though 🙂

    It sounds to me like you have already made up your mind on Aion, if you can’t seem to fnid the time to log in 🙂

  • Oooh, I played Harvest Moon on the PS2 – and I thought it was adorable. Like, I started off really impatient being all “WHY CAN’T I RUN?” and “WHEN DO I GET A GUN” and then, I don’t know, the quiet beauty and the gentle of it gradually won me over. It’s such a bizarrely compelling idea – get a farm, be happy. More games like this, world!

  • @Cait – My thoughts EXACTLY. Once I start scheduling my gaming, especially WoW, I start to lose interest fast. This is why I never really got into raiding. Once I felt an obligation, it felt like a job and I got sick of it. I enjoy just jumping into whatever game I want whenever I want. Which is kinda why I haven’t played WoW in almost a week, I guess.

    @Syrana – You can’t start using music-related post names. That’s my deal.

  • “Into the future!” (and now I’ve got that stuck in my head. On permanent echo. *fistshake*)

    Much love for Harvest Moon. SO glad I don’t have a wii and thus am immune to the siren call of both it and the fit.

    Though I’m still doing P90X workouts, so the fit might not get as much use. =]

    Do what seems fun, and blog about that (no details of your Sideshow games though. *coff*) Looking forward to anything you can share!

  • @Cait – <3 I’m just amazed at my hyperfocus and ability to lose track of time when I’m into something, whether it’s a game, watching a whole season of a show I like, reading, or writing. I’m glad to know you’ll read whatever I’m moved to write 😀

    @Kaethir – I find LOTS of things fun and fulfilling, but time management for all those things can be lost on me at times. 😛

    @Shawndra – Well, I was naughty and missed day 3 of Wii Fit Plus. I put some extra time into Harvest Moon tonight, hehe. But, I do plan to use it regularly. And, yeah, I think Aion will be on hold for now. I still might work on some Aion related posts that I’ve been meaning to tackle…

    @Tamarind – I know! The concept sounds kinda “meh” but it’s a much deeper game that it sounds… and the people find a way to my heart.. I want to help them! 😀

    @Sideshow – Hey, you don’t have the exclusive rights to that! Besides… it’s not the first post I’ve used a song title for 😛

    @Tami – hehe sorry! … kinda 😀 I don’t think I’ll ever be short on topics to write about on here… even if they are all over the place in the gaming world and otherwise. And… I’ll try to censor any of *those* games. 😉

    ~Side note~ I hope it didn’t sound like I was complaining or anything. What I originally intended to address was time slipping away before my Aion sub runs out, but I haven’t yet logged in… haven’t had the desire to do so. It’s a shame.. I /liked/ it, but not enough apparently.

    At least for now.

    But then my thoughts and post went and took over to talk about how when I have extra free time available, it’s like having eyes bigger than my stomach. I want to cram in SO much, but never get to all of it!

  • “it’s like having eyes bigger than my stomach. I want to cram in SO much, but never get to all of it!”

    I know what you mean! When I’m sitting at work I’m thinking of all the things I could do that night (and SHOULD DO).

    Oh, I should finish sanding those 4 cabinet doors.
    After that I’ll start painting them.
    Oh, but I should wipe them all down first to get all the sanded dust off.
    Actually, I should drill holes for hardware before I paint as well.

    I got home and it was raining and I couldn’t sand outside (and refuse to do this in the house where it would get everywhere).

    Rinse and repeat though, regardless of my plans hardly ever going as I want them to, the very next day I’m already thinking of new things to add to the list lol

  • @Cait – Yup, I know that all too well. At least we have a lot of things we love to do in our “free time” right? 😀


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