World of Warcraft 13

Take Another Little Piece of My Soul Now, Baby~

Soul shards.  Those lovely little purple gems that Warlocks carry with them everywhere.  We drain our enemies souls in order to create them.  We then use these captured souls to call forth hellish demons, store our own soul (or that of a friend) to recover quickly from death, create candy (err, healthstones) that keep us… Continue reading

World of Warcraft 8

Flash of the Blade

I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that there is still a Rogue here. Syrana and her Warlocks get all the fun (and probably rightfully so.) I am, obviously, no expert on the Rogue class and I definitely don’t claim to be. I play it the way that I have the most… Continue reading

Screenshots World of Warcraft 1

X Marks the Spot

Seeing as how Sunday has always been sort of my laziest day of the week (even within the World of Warcraft) I thought I’d try to keep up with a Sunday posting of a screenshot of some sort.  Right now, I’m on an NPC kick.  Sometimes we miss the humor in the names and/or looks… Continue reading