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BBV Express

We here at D&B play a little game called Rock Band. We’ve enjoyed these games since we ran across Guitar Hero II a few years back. We transitioned into Rock Band thanks to Darcy’s parents Xmas present. I’ve grown into the drums (which I’m loving) while she loves to sing (and she does it well.)… Continue reading

Gaming World of Warcraft XBox 1

Remember Tomorrow

Hi, I’m the other half of this circus of crazyness. I, too, play a bit of World of Warcraft. I’m the one who originally got my wife into it and have been playing (mostly) since March 2006. I’ve gone through a whole group of friends and am now into another group. The first group of… Continue reading

World of Warcraft 10


Yes, you could say this title is a tribute to the trolls.  /shrug  I never did quite understand that as a viable comment post… but I digress. First here, really means.. well, first here.  It’s been years since my husband or I blogged and now… well, now I’ve got that blog itch again.  I’d mostly… Continue reading