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Be afraid… very afraid.

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  • Maybe it’s the PVP realm, which is enough to strike terror into my heart on its own, but, I have to say, that Tauren has a mean mean look. It’s something to do with the nose ring and the close-set eyes … and the fact it looks like he’s a second away from slapping that staff against the palm of his other hand (hoof).

    I would totally cross the road.

  • OMG! That is totally Capone! I can’t wait to see what misadventures he gets into!

  • @Tamarind – Hopefully he will strike that much terror into wannabe gankers. It was a tough decision not to go with a broken horn… on the one hand it totally said “I’m badass” but on the other hand it said “I got whooped.”

    @Keli – I’m afraid of the trouble he’ll get into, to be honest… I’m trying to get Capwn to learn how to take screenshots, so hopefully those will tell us enough of a story!

  • I can’t wait to see! I have a tiny desire to roll on a PVP server but I really, REALLY am bad at PVP. Except Wintergrasp and Warsong Gulch, funny enough.

  • @Gnomer – Hmm, that’s a possibility… milk + cat form = win for him. I suppose he’ll pick up fishing too…

    @Kim – I wouldn’t say I’m great at PvP either (or Capwn for that matter :P), but sometimes I miss that extra edge of excitement that I had leveling my 2 70’s during TBC. You know.. you could always roll an alt and ask Capwn for some protection. 😀

  • I’m with Gnomer I think he’s after the milk 😀
    I’m glad he snuck in and got a new toon too the little imp


We are a family of gamers. Mom (Darcy/Syrana) and Dad (Brian/Sideshow) have been gaming for as long as they can remember back when you only had a joystick to use and saved your games to cassette tapes.

They've been gaming together since they met in 2002. Sometime after 2006, they both started playing World of Warcraft and did that for many years. They started this blog, originally called Sideshow & Syrana which has now transitioned to the new Stay-At-Home Gamers site, while keeping all of the original content.

Starting in 2010, two more gamers came along (now known as Princess Boo and Mr. X) and they are now old enough where they both enjoy playing games and watching others play games. They are both excited to have others to watch them play their favorite games. Come along with us and let's enjoy these games together!