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“You are certain?” Aly asked angrily of the small Goblin woman with pigtails.

“Uh-huh!” she squeaked, her pigtails bouncing as she bobbed her head.  “Elfs comin' here, none leavin'.”

Aly was growing increasingly frustrated.  She'd flown to Grom'gol after looking over the log page Krizkix had shown her.  It had listed an elven woman outbound from Booty Bay to Grom'gol.  However, no one around here seemed to recognize the picture.  The flight master said he hadn't seen an Elf fly into their camp in months.  The Innkeeper said the elves she'd seen were all accounted for and working with other soldiers and adventurers to fight back against the enemies in the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale.

She didn't want to believe what she'd been told so far, but there weren't many friendly faces here.  Aly never had felt particularly comfortable around the historically brutish Orcs.  But, there was no mistaking the fact that this camp was dominated by Orcs and Trolls.  So few elves came through here that it'd be hard for this woman to slip through unnoticed.  Aly's only hope left was that she'd hopped onto a zeppelin as soon as she had landed.  Aly doubted that this elven woman would have taken the zeppelin to Orgrimmar, as the Undercity seemed more likely.

Aly glared, shaking the picture inches from the Goblin's pointy nose.  “You don't recognize this face? Where is she if she didn't take the zeppelin?”

The Goblin woman smacked Aly's hand away from her face.  “I know faces.  I ain't seen that one.”  Her voice still squeaked, although she didn't sound as cheerful.  “Now, I have to prepare for that incomin' zep.” She pointed out yonder at the silhouette of a large ship floating amongst the clouds.

Aly gritted her teeth as she shoved the picture into her backpocket.  “That filthy little Krizkix…” she muttered under her breath as she headed for the stairs.

“Krizkix?” the Goblin squeaked, blinking at Aly.

Aly stopped dead in her tracks and spun around on her heel.  She looked pointedly at the squeaky Goblin.  “You know him?”

“Eep!” she shrieked and quickly busied herself with ropes, anchors, and other items on the zeppelin dock.

“You..” Aly narrowed her eyes, marching straight at the Goblin.  “You know the dock master, Krizkix.”

The Goblin shook her head, refusing to look Aly straight in the eye.  She tried to dart around Aly, but she grabbed the back of her shirt.

“Tell me what you know of him.”  Aly held fast to the shirt, lifting the squirming zeppelin master off the dock.

The Goblin shook her head and became a squirming, wiggling blur of green and pigtails.  Aly sighed and stepped closer to the edge of the dock.

“Tell me.  Now.”  Aly swung her arm out over the dock, dangling the Goblin.

“Eeee!” Her arms flailed, clawing at Aly's arm with her long, sharp nails.  Aly gritted her teeth, but otherwise seemed immune to the scratches inflicted on her arm.  “Put me down, put me down, put me down!”

Aly smirked coldly, “I will.  Where depends on you.”  She peered down at the ground below.  “That's the long way.”

“Okokokok.  He's not to be trusted.  Don't trust Krizkix.  Can't trust him.  He's a goblin among Goblins,” she blurted out as she stared at Aly, wide-eyed.

“Hmmm, how do I know I can trust you?” Aly tilted her head, looking calmly at the Goblin dangling from her hand.

“I didn't ask for gold.  Krizkix asks for gold.  Krizkix lies for gold.”  She clamped her hands over her eyes.

Aly nodded curtly, then took a few steps back.  “That sounds about right.”

She dropped the Goblin on the deck beside her feet.  The Goblin fell roughly onto her stomach, laying motionless.  Aly rolled her eyes and flicked a gold piece onto her body.

“You work up here and on zeppelins, but were that terrified of falling? Hmpf.”

As Aly turned to walk away, two small, grimy hands clamped around her leg.  Aly looked down in surprise, just in time to watch as the zeppelin master sank her sharp little teeth into her calf.  Aly winced from the pain.  Swiftly, she grabbed her dagger from her side, and flipped it around.  The dagger's hilt made a loud thwack sound as Aly struck the Goblin at the base of her neck, sapping her.  The Goblin crumpled to the floor, laying motionless once again.

Aly returned her dagger to its sheath.  She tugged at her shirt, ensuring that the dagger was covered and out of sight.  Quickly, she trotted down the spiral staircase, taking two steps at a time.  Aly paused near the bottom of the stairs, which led directly into the inn.  She peaked around the support beam, waiting for the innkeeper to pass.  Once the innkeeper had her back to the stairs, Aly sprinted out the door, tossing a gold coin upon the desk on her way out.

Aly didn't stop running until she'd cleared the gates of the camp and could no longer smell their fires.  It was going to be a long trek back to Booty Bay from here, but she couldn't wait for a flight.  She couldn't risk the zeppelin master regaining consciousness and alerting the guards to the attack.  A dull throb in her calf reminded her of the bite wound.  Finding a tree to rest under, she tended to her leg.

* * *

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