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Huzzah! Eastern Kingdoms complete.

I didn't even finish Booty Bay's available quests, nor did I go into Blackrock Mountain… I have a TON of left over Eastern Kingdoms quests.

Now Kalimdor… I have around 20ish left to complete and I'm struggling (STRUGGLING, I tell ya!) to find them.  It's nuts.  I'm checking out the listing of hard to find quests on the WoW forums as well as using the addon Everyquest.  I think there are some more Booty Bay quests that will have parts of their chains go over to Kalimdor and count there.

At least I hope so.


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  • WowHead has a feature that will show you your unfinished quests by zone and maybe by continent as well. You of course need an account (free) and to point it to your toon’s armory profile.
    .-= Grimmtooth’s last post: Is Friday Theme Song Time =-.

  • Some of the Booty Bay ones should get you credit over on the other side of the world. I don’t know if it will work the same on Horde side as it did for me on Alliance, but there was also a chain down in Blasted Lands that helped. It was Desolace, though, that had the most tucked away and hidden quests.

    Goo luck. Once you get Kal and EK done, the rest is smooth sailing.
    .-= Alas’s last post: An Exceptional Achievement =-.

  • Ugh! I logged in last night with roughly 20 Kalimdor quests, found two in Gadgetzan (only one counts), then found myself in Ungoro. After almost getting stomped by a devilsaur, I logged out to let my hunter tame one and twiddled for a bit. I want to finish this Loremaster thing on Delgada, but it’s so frustrating!!

  • I found Kalimdor the hardest part of Loremaster. I finally ended up finding a quest chain that stated at the Fallen Hero of Horde, in the pass between Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted Lands that sent me to Azshara and a chain of about 10 quests. It just takes one or two like that to get you over the top.

  • @Grimmtooth – That’s what the Everyquest addon does (or is supposed to do).. keep track of what quests I have or have not completed. Sometimes I think it might be missing some that should show up for a certain zone, but it’s been quite helpful. I might still checkout that WoWhead business though. 🙂

    @Alas – I’m thinking Booty Bay has to be the key… for some anyway! I managed to find some hidden Desolace ones I never knew about (and Stonetalon too!). I think it counts if I switch my centaur clan alliances in Desolace, but I don’t want to do that unless I’m desperate.. which I’m not there yet!

    @Softi – Thanks! So far I’ve found it quite fun… but now it’s getting to be work since I’m running out of easy-to-find quests.

    @Shawndra – I’m still surprised at how rough Kalimdor is… especially for Horde! I thought it’d be a breeze. Keep at it – we’re almost there! 🙂

    @Shadowspawnd – I did the Fallen Hero line. I can’t remember exactly how I found out about it because I don’t remember Everyquest being very helpful in informing me of the starting quest in SoS. Hopefully I’ll find another good, long chain!

  • Yes, do those Eastern Kingdom quests…I read somewhere a little blurb that said many Loremaster quests have you travel from continent to continent. Congratulations for this major achievement, and good luck with the remaining few!

  • @Spammy – I might have to check that out! Thanks 🙂

    @Meg – Thank you! I certainly hope they lead back over. I already worked on a few longish quest chains that went back and forth… some parts counting for Kalimdor and some for EK. *fingers crossed*

  • Rainchaser and Windpaw finally finished Loremaster about two nights ago. Everyquest and WoWhead were two of the best resources I had. There is a surprising amount of crossover between EK and Kalimdor for both Horde and Alliance. If you get to where you’re feeling tapped out in Kalimdor – don’t be afraid to bounce over to the Kingdoms – it will free some quests up. Also – if you haven’t already – checkout Otus’ stickied post on the Achievement side of the official WOW forums ( ) – it’s *really* helpful and he’s divided things up between Horde and Alliance to take you through the Kalimdor / EK grind.

    Best of luck! This achievement will make you want to cut yourself (or others – I recommend *others*) – but it’s really worth it when it’s done.


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