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(Part 40) For the complete list of this series, please go here.

Aerissa wandered through the gates into Silvermoon City.  Her breath caught in her throat as she took in the sights and sounds of her capital city.  She couldn't quite remember the last time she had been within its walls, but the magic of it never ceased to amaze her.  The buildings were intricately designed and vibrant with color.

Bending her head low and obscuring her face with the cowl, she walked along the streets towards the marketplace.  Despite her long absence from the city, she still knew its layout.  Aerissa couldn't help but grin as she side stepped a lone broom sweeping the walkway.  Magic was useful for even the most mundane tasks.

Before reaching the marketplace, Aerissa turned down a side street and stood outside one of the magister's libraries.  Peering in through the window, she couldn't see many people inside other than a few magisters.  Satisfied, she walked in and pushed the cowl back from her hair.  She scanned several bookcases without any success before approaching an elf who was busy cataloging.

“E-excuse me?” she asked in a hushed tone, nervously running her fingers through her hair.

The elderly elven man turned to look at her, peering down his nose at her.  “Yes, Miss?” he responded politely.

She pressed her palm against her pocket, feeling the outline of the locket.  “I wondered if there was some information here about Lady Windrunner that I could read?”

He arched a silver eyebrow, the rest of his face emotionless.  He raised his hand in the air, mimicking the motions of grabbing the spine of a book and removing it from a shelf.  At first Aerissa thought he was mocking her, until she saw a book slowly float down in between them.

“I do believe this is the correct volume.”  He flicked his wrist and wiggled his fingers.  The book spun around, then opened.  The pages fluttered forward and back, then hung there, suspended in the air before her.  “Yes, you shall find some history there.  I presume that is what you are seeking?”

Aerissa nodded, plucking the book from the air.  Carefully she carried it to the center of the room, which was arranged as a relaxed sitting room.  Oversized pillows were arranged in a circle, making it an ideal meeting area.  She settled onto one of the lush pillows, sitting with her legs crossed.  She laid the open book across her knees and read about the woman she was on her way to meet.

Through her reading, Aerissa learned that Lady Sylvanas Windrunner was a Ranger-General who  sought to protect Silvermoon and her people from Arthas and the scourge on their way to the Sunwell.  She fought bravely before falling in battle.  Sylvanas's spirit then been cruelly ripped from her body and made a banshee by Arthas.  As Aerissa read further, she learned that while Sylvanas had been forced to submit to Arthas's will and control, she had remained defiant.  Her defiance and hatred of Arthas allowed her to break free from his will as his own strength weakened.  In turn, she helped other undead soldiers break free.  After reclaiming her body, she and her undead legion became known as the Forsaken.  They set up residence within the Undercity, which was the ruins of Lordaeron after the scourge had all but destroyed it.

Aerissa had removed the locket from her pocket, caressing it with her thumb as she read about Lady Windrunner.  The story stirred her emotions with a mixture of admiration, pity, and empathy.  She now felt that it was very important for her to return the locket.  Pushing her hands together, she slammed the book closed.  A poof of dust shot out from the pages, making her cough.

* * *

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  • @Cait – Not quite yet, sorry dear! And thank you!

    @Samodean – But of course! Loremaster at heart ‘n all… 😉

  • Good to see her find out a little more about Sylvanas before venturing into the UC. Maybe she won’t be as surprised to see the Banshee Queen get upset like I thought.
    I remember the first time I did it I shook my fist at her and started to walk away when she threw the locket down. Then when she started singing I was like, “oh…shibby”

  • @Tacos – I lovelovelove the song! Aerissa still might be surprised at her reaction. Afterall, Aerissa still doesn’t quite understand the complete and utter pain and humiliation Arthas put Sylvanas through.


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