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Generation 2: Aerissa and Caleb

It didn't take long before Caleb worked up the nerve to talk to Chrissy.  They bonded at first over their love of working out.  Caleb helped her with weight training and she helped him with his cardio.  It was odd though, as he fell for her, she seemed to shy away from him.  He didn't quite understand it.  When he was just being friendly, she responded very well to him, but as soon as he'd try to flirt with her, she'd get weirded out.  Caleb came to accept the fact that she wasn't a hopeless romantic, and neither was he, so he just kept things level.  Finally he was able to kiss her one day with out getting shoved away.

calebs wife moves in

Shortly after their first kiss, Chrissy began spending the night.  Caleb noticed she was slowly moving in, which made him happy.  He was afraid she'd freak out if he asked her directly.  The rest of the family thought Chrissy was a little odd, but she seemed nice enough overall.  Well, unless one tried to talk politics with her.  That was always a lost cause.  The only thing Darcy didn't like was that her bedroom was getting taken over by Caleb and his little girlfriend.  For one, Caleb only had a 1 person bed, but also because Chrissy was always trying to use her computer to play chess online.

family dinner

One evening, while the entire family had dinner together, Darcy helped Caleb figure out where the relationship was going.  Chrissy expressed interest in becoming part of the family and officially moving in.  This pleased Darcy because then the family could plan on some new furniture purchases and rearranging to accommodate her.

unfinished painting

Shortly after Chrissy moved in, Caleb proposed to Chrissy.  She said yes, although she was not interested in making out after putting on the ring.  Caleb loved her like crazy, but was often very confused by the mixed signals she gave him.  Upon hearing the news, Aerissa began working on a painting for their wedding gift.  Caleb and Chrissy decided to hold a small, intimate wedding right there at the Zalewski Compound.  What amazed Caleb was how rich Chrissy was.  He had no idea until they opened their joint bank account.  Although, this somewhat relieved him because he knew she wasn't after him just for his money, or rather, potential money, as an up and coming athlete.

brenden and syr child

One day while Brenden was talking to his daughter, Syrana, all he could think was “I'm getting old.”  He could hardly believe that his twin girls were in elementary school already and his son, Trenton, was walking and talking.  It didn't occur to him that his children seemed to be growing up way too fast because he was on tour for half their lives.  Instead, it started to freak him out.  He didn't want to become an old and washed up rock star.  He didn't want to live a mundane life.  Brenden barely even paid attention to the fact that Syrana kept talking to him about evil mastermind plots to take over the world, or that she had an uncanny fondness for rockets and explosions.  Brenden started to feel trapped, so he went to talk with the only person he could about all this: Joanna, the president of his fan club.

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We are a family of gamers. Mom (Darcy/Syrana) and Dad (Brian/Sideshow) have been gaming for as long as they can remember back when you only had a joystick to use and saved your games to cassette tapes.

They've been gaming together since they met in 2002. Sometime after 2006, they both started playing World of Warcraft and did that for many years. They started this blog, originally called Sideshow & Syrana which has now transitioned to the new Stay-At-Home Gamers site, while keeping all of the original content.

Starting in 2010, two more gamers came along (now known as Princess Boo and Mr. X) and they are now old enough where they both enjoy playing games and watching others play games. They are both excited to have others to watch them play their favorite games. Come along with us and let's enjoy these games together!