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So Thanksgiving has come and gone.  For those that observe Thanksgiving, I hope you had a safe and happy holiday.  For those of you that don't observe it, I still hope you were safe and happy over the past few days.

Since Sideshow and I started dating, and especially after getting married, we've had to develop a holiday rotation.  See, his side of the family lives about 20 minutes from us whereas my side of the family live 3 hours away.  I really don't know how people can handle multiple family gatherings for large holidays, especially with several stops in one day.  I find it exhausting enough to travel (even though Sideshow does most of the driving!).

Usually when we go out of town, we stay as long as possible before returning to our normal routines.  This usually means staying at my parents' house until late Sunday afternoon.  This year we were thankful not to be bombarded with snowy travel, but we decided to leave Saturday in the late afternoon in order to bypass the Sunday holiday traffic.  Plus, it seems that no matter where we go for a few days, I can always use a day of downtime back home before returning to the office grind.

Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed our time over the past few days.  We drove up to my parents' house Wednesday night after work, spent Thursday at my aunt's house for the Thanksgiving feast with my mom's side of the family, and spent the rest of the time chillin' with my parents.

It was fun.  Besides BlizzCon, my parents' house is the only vacation we go on that involves lots of WoW.  Unfortunately, I was the only one that was unable to play during that time.  I suspect Capwn distracted me so that I'd forget my authenticator just so he could play freely while we were gone.  But, the time was filled with talk of battlegrounds, raiding, leveling, alts, Pilgrim's Bounty, Cataclysm, and more.

At one point, Sideshow hopped on an alt to level cooking.  My dad says from the other side of the room that a person he added on his friends list awhile back just whispered him, but he couldn't remember how he knew them.  This led to laughter as it was revealed that it was Sideshow that was sending him tells.

We also had fun doing some old fashioned gaming.  We played a long session of Apples to Apples (where I was the victor!).  My cheeks hurt from laughing so much.  We also had a great time playing Balderdash together before Side and I left today.  Sideshow won… who knew he was such a good bullshitter? We learned that my dad and I shouldn't sit across from each other during that game since we usually gave each other's definitions away by cracking each other up.

Friday night was a blast as Sideshow, my mom, and I listened in on TNB's live podcast with Gnomeaggedon.  I'm hoping to see her at future shows in the live chat!

I know, it's almost hard to believe I went 3 days without playing any of my characters in WoW, Aion, or Dragon Age.  And as I sit here and type this post, I have yet to turn on my home computer.  Instead, I'm loungin' on the couch, curled up with my cats and the laptop.  I figured it was the perfect time to catch up on my feed reader (which I was chippin' away at while away as well) and maybe do a little writing.  I just felt like relaxing once I got home, even though I thought I'd make a beeline for Dragon Age.  It was amusing because Sideshow asked me how I thought Alistair was handling being Syrana-free for 3 days.  I replied that he grew up in the Chantry and could wait a couple more days.

TL;DR: I'm home!

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Sharing is caring!


  • It was great to see you and Sideshow for a few days. The board games were great fun and chatting about WOW is always interesting. I enjoyed the TNB’s podcast and hope to join in often. Woot! Thanks for the lootz from Blizzcon!


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