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Generation 2: Aerissa and Caleb

darcy confronts brenden

Darcy knew something was up with Brenden.  He was acting strangely while home and she had caught him hitting on the new maid.  She was glad no one else was home to witness this.  Everyone had gone into the city to spend the day out and about, except for her and Brenden.  He'd claimed he was working on a new song, but to Darcy it seemed he was practicing pickup lines on the maid.

Although the maid turned him down, Darcy quietly fired her before confronting Brenden.  He denied doing anything wrong and tried to convince Darcy that the maid was a starstruck fan.  Darcy gave him a stern talking to and told him to get his act together.  He swore nothing else would happen again.

aerissa driving

Unfortunately, Brenden was only giving Darcy lip service.  He continued to sneak off at odd hours and sometimes would be gone for days.  He would claim he had gigs to perform at, but Aerissa finally started to become suspicious.  She called his manager and confirmed her fears: Brenden was lying.  The next time Brenden tried to sneak off, she followed him.

joanna preggers again

Aerissa was shocked and pained at her discovery: Brenden had another family! Not only was he having an affair, but it appeared Joanna was pregnant again.  Aerissa remembered Brenden sharing the news of his fan club president giving birth previously, but he had mentioned it in passing.  Now she suspected that it was his son.

darcy upset with brenden

Aerissa went home, tears streaming down her face.  She told her mother what she had learned.  The next time Darcy saw Brenden was when he came home for dinner a few nights later.  She called him out on having other children.  Syrana had been listening in and came out to yell at her father too.  Aerissa was so hurt that she simply sat there, staring at her dinner plate.

That night, Aerissa could not sleep.  She was filled with mixed emotions, but by morning, her anger had taken over.  She laid into Brenden about his betrayal.  He tried to deny it, but she told him to stuff it.  She had followed him and seen him with Joanna.

aerissa-brenden fight 1

As her rage took over, she told him he was an unambitious fool, following empty dreams.

aerissa-brenden fight 2

She told him what a loser he was and she didn't know why she ever married him.

aerissa-brenden fight 3

Brenden was dejected and hurt.  There was nothing he could say that would justify his actions.  He screamed back for awhile about nonsensical things.  He became overemotional, which pissed Aerissa off further.

aerissa-brenden divorce

Aerissa had made up her mind.  It was over and she wanted a divorce.  Darcy stood there, aghast at the scene before her.  Aerissa was beyond hurt and she could not see any way their marriage could be salvaged.  He'd been leading a double life for more than a year and was expecting a second child with his mistress.  Aerissa felt like a fool and did not want anything more to do with Brenden.  Despite Brenden's unfaithfulness, he still cared about his family.  He loved Aerissa and was heartbroken.

brenden depressed

Amazingly, Aerissa did not kick Brenden out of the house immediately.  She didn't know how to tell the children and still believed they needed their father.  She was particularly worried about their son, Trenton.  Brenden stayed at the compound for several more days, moping.  He was completely and utterly depressed and would whine about the divorce to anyone that was near.

brenden-syrana evil

Syrana finally became fed up with her father's immaturity.  She'd missed school several times due to the drama and chaos that had invaded their home.  She tried to reason with her father and urged him to move out before he was kicked out.  Brenden snapped at Syrana, calling her out for being evil and accusing her of setting him up with one of her mastermind plots.  Syrana scoffed at him, pointedly telling him that he set himself up.  She was proud of her evilness and felt it was better than being good like her twin, Summer.  Syrana viewed goodness as a weakness.  In fact, she believed that was how her mother let herself be fooled and betrayed by her father.

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