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Generation 3: Syrana and Summer

After Syrana confirmed that she was in fact pregnant, she became infected with a common pregnancy ailment: quest for knowledge.  She had an overwhelming desire to read everything she could get her hands on about what was happening inside her body.

After she made her way through all the books in town it was time to hit up the internet.  She became addicted to baby forums and blogs – obsessively reading and commenting on them.  Oftentimes she would alienate other members with her brash words, but she didn't care.  She wanted knowledge.  She wanted stories.  She wanted feedback.  And she wanted them all to think she knew-it-all.

But the one thing she hadn't done yet, was tell the father.  She posted about her dilemma, seeking advice.  She received a lot of backlash, but amidst all the negativity she received messages urging her to tell Sidney.  One evening she arranged to meet him at the park and told him that she was expecting.  He didn't believe her at first, thinking it was a ploy to get him to leave his own family.  She assured him that wasn't the case, but she wanted him to know… and that'd she'd need a little bit of help.  Once he realized she wasn't lying to pull a con, the look of disgust on his face angered Syrana.  He bolted before she could say anything further and wouldn't return her calls until…

Syrana left Sidney alone after trying to talk to him a few days after the park meeting.  But, she wanted to at least let him know that she had just given birth to his daughter, Jezabelle.  She left a brief, yet cryptic message on his phone and was shocked when he arrived at the hospital as she was being discharged.  He insisted on riding home with her and the baby, even paying for the cab ride.

Syrana was disgusted with herself because she was an emotional wreck.  She knew it and didn't want him to see it.  On the one hand she was beyond thrilled that he was there, but on the other hand she wanted to claw his eyes out.

Within 15 minutes of being home, Syrana wished she hadn't called him.  As soon as she turned her attention to feeding their daughter, Sidney was up to his old tricks hitting on the maid.  Syrana threw the bottle at him, hitting him squarely in the back of the head.  She screamed for him to get out and never come around again.  Sidney put up little protest as he backed out of the house, Jezabelle shrieking and crying.  The maid mumbled a half-hearted apology, but Syrana fired her during her fit of rage.

Eventually Syrana calmed back down and was able to calm Jezabelle down.  Syrana stood over her crib, admiring how tiny and adorable she was… except for how much she looked like her father.  Syrana felt a surge of evil coarse through her body as she stared at the sleeping infant.

She couldn't help herself.  Some habits never die.

The thrill of stealing candy from a baby – her own baby – made her smile despite the wailing coming out of Jezabelle's mouth.  It was at that moment that Syrana wondered how her child would turn out.

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We are a family of gamers. Mom (Darcy/Syrana) and Dad (Brian/Sideshow) have been gaming for as long as they can remember back when you only had a joystick to use and saved your games to cassette tapes.

They've been gaming together since they met in 2002. Sometime after 2006, they both started playing World of Warcraft and did that for many years. They started this blog, originally called Sideshow & Syrana which has now transitioned to the new Stay-At-Home Gamers site, while keeping all of the original content.

Starting in 2010, two more gamers came along (now known as Princess Boo and Mr. X) and they are now old enough where they both enjoy playing games and watching others play games. They are both excited to have others to watch them play their favorite games. Come along with us and let's enjoy these games together!