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Seeing as how I haven't logged into WoW since the first weekend of July and we're tightening our budget in anticipation of our spawn's arrival… I decided to cancel it.  For now.

Things are very busy right now IRL.  I'm used to short breaks and hiatuses, but this is the longest I've gone.  I'm on a pretty epic real life quest and I'll resubscribe when I have the time and attention to give to the game.  But right now, I'm just not playing enough to justify continuously paying for it.  My account runs out on Tuesday.  I actually went in a few weeks ago to cancel and thought I might pop in a bit before the end of my sub… but nope.

Will I complete Loremaster of Kalimdor before Cataclysm drops? Who knows.  I still would like to…

Will I be back for Cataclysm? Hell yeah, but maybe not right away.  It depends how it lines up with the arrival of babygirl.

Do I play anything anymore or am I just a fuddy duddy now?  I still play some games.  Once the weather gets cooler I'll spend more time in the computer room again rather than loungin' on the couch with the laptop.  Otherwise my gaming staples right now are on my iPhone: Words with Friends, Carcassone, and Civilization Revolution.

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Sharing is caring!

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  • Aw, there’s much more you can do than just play games in your free time, I wouldn’t say ‘fuddy duddy’! Good look with everything, hope to see you back sometimes, if not, at least pop in on Twitter once in a while to say hello 🙂


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