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I'm interrupting the BlizzCon wrap up posts to share this bizarre dream I had a few nights ago.  This is not the first strange, game blended dream I've ever had, but it's the first time I wrote down as much as I could remember as soon as I woke up.  Have a laugh and help me analyze it!

Samodean and I rode in a passenger mount to a wedding.  I think it was a mammoth one, but I'm not certain.  I just know I wasn't “driving” and we weren't in a car.  The wedding was for a friend of mine from back in high school… someone I have not talked to or seen in years.  (Like, they aren't even on Facebook, I don't think.)

It's sketchy, but somehow we make it to the reception hall.  The banquet room next door is holding some sort of gaming conference and Blizzard is there.  I leave Samo and wonder off into the conference.  There is a game demo going on, which I stumble into.

A LIVE game demo.

With real zombies.

I fight my way through.  I keep looking at my feet and noticing how long my pants are.  They are flowy dress pants and I keep tripping over them.  I almost don't make it out alive because of my pants.

As I make it out of the demo, Samo texts me.  He says he spotted someone at the reception and understood if I left with them.  (I have no idea who that was)  I assure him I won't ditch him at the reception.

I find Samo at the back of the reception hall.  Fast forward – (not sure if other events occurred or if dream just jumped forward) the hall is fairly empty and staff are putting away chairs and tables.  We're just chitchatting when Metzen walks out of the room next door, surrounded by 3 bodyguards, and walks through the room we're in.

A bunch of people start yelling his name, mostly women.  Metzen sighs and has this “look” for a moment.  He then smiles and sits on top of a table next to me.  The girls rush over, fawning over him.  Metzen agrees to sign autographs.  This one girl babbles about wanting to share some design she is working on.  He agrees to look at it.  She hands over what looks like one huge giftbag with a bunch of smaller giftbags attached.  The giftbags have writing and doodles all over them in glitter pen.

The bodyguard that takes the bag(s) from her to pass to Metzen says it is awesome.  Samo says it looks like she wrote on some gift bags.  The bodyguard gives “a look” and says they needed to be decorated and were totally “rockstar.”  Samo still wasn't convinced, but let it go.

Finally, I get my chance to talk to Metzen and get an autograph.  I ask him to talk to me like he's Thrall…

Then I woke up.

(*Side note: I never saw Samodean's face throughout the dream, only shoulders down, which makes sense since I don't actually know what he looks like.)

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  • That sounds like the kind of dream I have. I used to keep a dream jounal next to my bed. Isn’t it weird that no matter how vivid a dream is, it seems impossible to remember even a few minutes after you wake up? So frustrating!
    -Sesame (draka)

  • @Becca/Sesame – I usually don’t get a chance to jot down interesting dreams before they are gone. I tried my best to hold onto what I could remember, repeating it in my head until I could write it down.

    @Samo – You would have… or maybe you did.. a lot of details are missing 😛

  • That dream is hilarious! I’m a bit jealous. I don’t even get to dream about BlizzCon much less go!

    I totally understand the Thrall thing, though.


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