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So there's this game that's coming out in the US on February 23rd (various release dates for different parts of the world all within the same week).  It's been quite anticipated and I'm psyched.

It's called Heavy Rain.

There will be choices… and consequences. (I recommend checking this out…)




These are the words that keep teasing us in the game trailers.

It will be a psychological thriller.

A boy to be saved.  A killer to be found.

Right now I've signed up for the “Four Day Challenge.”  I thought it might involve some gameplay, but it doesn't.  But it has been fascinating.

Shamefully, I have not been able to put much time and effort into the “clues,” and have had the benefit of pondering the theories of others.  (There's some phenomenal work going on in the PS3 EU forums as well as the Facebook fan page!)  I was having some issues with the website on Tuesday, when the event started, so I wasn't able to get all the Twitter clues…. that led to what appears to be the Twitter account of the killer.

So what am I to expect? Well, the event started on Tuesday, but there will be 3 weeks of searching and watching and waiting.  Each challenge lasts for 4 days (Tuesday through Friday).  It's a unique series based upon the game's universe, but is not supposed to contain any actual game spoilers.

Here's the information from the official email after I signed up:

The first four-day challenge will suck you into the fracturing mind of a
nascent killer. You need to know your prey to catch him. Keep your eyes
open, even as his malign influence starts to impossibly spread… and most
important of all, don't fall under his spell…

The second challenge is where you start helping. Detecting. Protecting.
Collecting and analysing evidence. Using your brain. Building a profile.
Talking to witnesses. Using subtlety, tact, imagination. The killer must be
found. You can be an important part of that. So don't mess up…

The third and final challenge is the endgame. If you've proved your worth,
you’ll be propelled to the highest levels of the investigation. But to
succeed, you'll need to re-enter the killer's psyche. Gaze into that abyss
again. You'll need to break all the rules to find your suspect. There are
multiple suspects. Which one is guilty?

So, right now, I'm getting inside the killer's head… through his tweets.

It's kind of creepy.

Sign up… if you dare.

It's quite a fascinating promotional adventure!

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  • This game certainly intrigues me. Unfortunately, I cannot participate in their promotional challenge at the moment. Keep us informed on how it turns out?

  • @Nim – Sure thing! I wish I had more time to dig through and figure out all the clues and such myself, but it’s still fun reading everyone’s theories and how they reached ’em.

    Although, I have developed my own theory on his motive based on his tweets. And man, are his tweets getting frantic and angrier (not to mention more typos – which appear to be intentional from the devs… others have said there are the same/similar typos in the other languages as well…getting sloppy as he freaks out!)

    Oh! And Sideshow informed me today while I was at work that the US demo will be out on 2/11!

    @Samodean – You need to figure that out and FAST. So glad we have one… and to think, we almost sold it…


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