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Samodean!  He worked diligently using “creative googling,” as he put it, to submit his blog scavenger hunt entry within 24 hours after it went live.

He did quite well too! Only 2.5 close-but-not-quite-on-the-money answers.  I'm almost glad he didn't have a perfect score or y'all might think it was suspicious.  Or I'd have to question Sideshow to see if he sold Samo the answers or something.

He did answer the bonus questions right though! Woo!

Granted, he had the only entry… all I can say is lesson learned, I guess? Saved me some money at least…

I know a few people responded on Twitter suggesting I extend the deadline by a week when I tweeted this afternoon about only receiving one entry.  I had considered that over the weekend as the deadline drew near… but I decided not to do so.  I'm not sure if that would have actually resulted in more entries (especially if I hadn't revealed the fact there had only been one).

And I woulda felt silly extending it if after an additional week there was still only one.

Also, I kept the promotion of the contest to the blog and Twitter because, well, I wanted it to be for our readers/followers.

Hey, at least this time there was an entry.  The last contest I attempted resulted in zero entries.

Baby steps, right Bob?

Well, if you still want to tackle the scavenger hunt for the helluvit, you may not want to look at the answers after the cut.  Otherwise, enjoy going through 'em.

Blog Scavenger Hunt ANSWERS

1. What two posts here at S&S share the same title?
The two posts of mine were the ones I had in mind when I first developed the question, then realized from our lone entry that there was in fact ANOTHER pair of posts with the same name.  Craziness.

Strange Dreams Are Made Of This… (Where Syrana writes about a dream involving another blogger, Chris Metzen, and a live zombie game demo)

Screenshot Sunday: Strange Dreams Are Made Of This… (A screenshot from Dragon Age: Origins posted by Syrana

Also accepted:

Nothing Else Matters (Metallica concert review written by Sideshow)

Nothing Else Matters (Music meme post written by Sideshow)

2. What do the post titles written by Sideshow have in common?
Song Titles
… at least this held true until the last meme I made him answer!

3. What are the names of the podcast episodes Sideshow and Syrana were on this year?
TNB Episode 59: #IBlameSyrana

Rawrcast Episode 39: Hot For Thrall

3a. -Bonus- There was another podcast that Syrana guest hosted on (minus Sideshow), who were the two hosts that let Syrana corrupt their show?
Davlin and Nexultor

4. Syrana participated in a multi-blog story project earlier this year.  Who was the mastermind behind this and what did CYOA stand for?
Samodean and Create Your Own Azeroth

5. Arrens wrote about meeting fellow bloggers and twitterers at Blizzcon, RP style.  What was the setting for that post and where did he recognize the warlock and rogue tandem from?
Darkmoon Faire and wanted posters

6.  What is Pike's favorite raid of all time?

7. What is the name of the post where Saresa gave us some of our very first link love?
Random Thoughts Direct From Melbourne

8. How many times has S&S been linked on (formerly WoW Insider) and what is/are the name(s) of the post(s)?
Twice: The Daily Quest (TDQ): Rise of the Wordy Warrior and Last Week of Hearts, Hands, and Voices

9. How many people are in The Doctor's choir?
Hallelujah~ 15

10. What is the name of the first post Gnomer ever dedicated to Syrana?
This is really just for one person

11. What is the name of Syrana's column at Diabolical Minds?
Syrana's Soulstone

12. What was the name of Byaghro's blog prior to the creation of Diabolical Minds?
Casual WoW

13. What is the name of the post where patrons of the Pink Pigtail Inn met the new barkeep?
Introducing the Bartender

14. Which real life celebrity does Fulguralis's voidwalker sound like?
Barry White
(smoooooth talkin')

15. What is the name of The World's Worst Mage's cockroach sidekick? (He's always at her side throughout her WoW wanderings!)

16. What was the name of Tamarind's blog before he joined forces with Chas to create Righteous Orbs?
Standing at the back in my sissy robe

17. One of Tamarind's first post I read (which easily became one of my favorites) featured him getting caught at work with pictures of what?
His WoWcock

18. Where can you go to participate in shared topics?
Blog Azeroth

19. Which blogger on our blogroll uses class icon buttons to organize their blogroll?

20. Which blogger originally started the whole #iblamesyrana maddness on Twitter?
Samodean (The proof is here!)

21. What is the name of the story Windpaw of Shock and Paw submitted for Blizzard's Creative Writing Contest?
Coward Delivery

22. What does Fulguralis's name mean?
Flash of light in Latin

23. What flavor of ice cream would tempt Fuubaar into stealing it from a human child?
Mint ice cream

24. How many blogs has Abigore (aka Abi) ran this year as he attempts to outwit the firewall boss and what are/were they called?
Three different blogs, four different names (yes, this one was tricky!): Fear.Win, Owlkin Frenzy, Shadow Word:Blog, which was later changed to the name Kungaloosh

25. When Jong has enough money to hire all his sexy readers, what will our job duties be?
Sit there, eat bonbons and play WoW with Jong, of course!

26. Which blogger works on expanding our vocabularies because she doesn't want us to be vacuous? (And what does that mean?)
Brajana and she doesn't want us to be empty, lacking direction and/or showing a lack of intelligence.

27. What class and spec does Capwn play?
Kitty Druid

28. Who started the hunter – warlock class war?

29. Klepsacovic made a startling confession this year… who's comments has he deleted?
His own

30.  Capwn rolled his new toon on which server? And that's the main server for which blogger on the ‘roll?
Archimonde and Sprink

31. What is the name of the goblin that Alynedarra killed?

32. What is PuG Rule #7410? And who wrote it?
The rogue will die. Always.
Posted by Elleiras

33. Syrana had a hand in naming which blog on the ‘roll?

34. Which blogger was the catalyst that sparked Syrana's interest in blogging about WoW?

35. Which blog held a gourmet bacon contest this year? And what was the prize?
Critical QQ and Arthas: Rise of the Lich King book

36. -Ultra Mega Bonus Question- What was the original name and url of the blog?
Darcy and Brian –

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  • *hugs* I didn’t enter because I don’t play WoW anymore, and so I didn’t actually want any of the prizes (and there was this one time I entered a contest and WON even though I didn’t want a prize and I totally felt like a jerk)

    That, and I haven’t been following your blog very long, and I expected you to get a lot of entries, with people who HAVE and thus probably deserved it more than me.

    So now I feel silly, because I totally should have entered. I could have donated the prize to a WoW-playing friend if I’d won it, and you would have had more entries. *sheepish*

  • I was a fail-reader 🙁 To be honest, I think it was the time of year – everybody is pretty busy with holiday stuff, new year parties, SNOW (we have SNOW!) and so my blog reading and writing as been pretty sporadic lately. I got about halfway through and then realised it would take longer than I had to finish in time for the deadline. Wah!

  • @Gnomer – Sowwey, I was afraid of the shipping costs of bacon to Oz. And woohoo I’m numba 4000! 😛

    @Tami – No worries. I heard a lot of interest in it, so was pretty surprised at the lack of entries. As for the prizes, I probably should have added that I’d be flexible to work out a non-WoW equivalent.

    @Tam and @Tacos – Like I said in the post – lesson learned… it’s hard trying to figure out a good contest balance (effort v. prize) as well as WHEN and how long to hold ’em. So, I definitely know not to try and hold something like this during the holidays again.

    @Sam – Hahaha – no. I do think I’ll claim the Jinx prize for myself though >.>


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