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Have you been chasing the perfect game? Have you found out?

I don't think it exists… anymore.

I once thought it did, several times over.  Sure, there are lots of games I like and lots of elements of different games I like.  But I have concluded that there is no such thing as the perfect game.

The games that are out there and even those currently under development are as diverse as the people that play them.  Different platforms, different genres, different levels of difficulty.

As we continue to devour the content we love, we yearn for something more.

Something perfect.

Hardcore, casual, MMO, RPG, FPS…

There are certain elements I like and crave more of.  But what I desire in a game is not the same as the next gamer.  We disagree on what would make the perfect game.

The only thing we gamers can agree on is that we like to play games.

Innovation is a double edged sword too, yet many of us cry for it.

Change can be scary… taking us out of our comfort zone of how to proceed through a game.  Being too similar to other games can lead to a lot of criticism as well.  (And sometimes unfair judgment.)

If a game concept is innovative, it can be difficult to produce because game development costs money.  If it's uncertain how well a title will sell… it may never see the light of day.

What if the perfect game just isn't able to receive the financial backing it needs?

We need innovative games to be produced and we need to try games outside our comfort zone sometimes…

Who truly knows what the next big thing might be?

We don't want a game that's too easy or too hard.  We want challenge, but not work.  We want to beat it, but not have it end.

We want balance and polish.

We want a rich world with intriguing characters and deep stories that draw us in.

Or maybe, we is just me?

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  • I don’t think there’s a perfect game for everyone as a whole, but I believe there is a perfect game for each and every person, and for each one, it’s different. For me, that would be Pokemon. I want to beat it, and when I do, it doesn’t simply end, because I just start over and do it again.

    Love the sentiment here.

  • I believe that every game, for everybody, can be improved in some fashion, be it graphics, gameplay, story, whatever. There will never be a perfect game.

    Everybody has their favorite game, of course, which to each individual is the closest to perfect that they’ve seen so far. One may even think of this game as perfect. There is always room for improvement, though, and eventually a new game will be released that will make you realize that that ‘perfect’ game was outdone. Therefore, a new ‘perfect’ game is created.

  • I agree with krizzly – I don’t think there’s a perfect game for everyoe – but I think WoW comes close, precisely because there are so many different “Games” you can play within it – PvP, PvE raiding, PvE casual, RPing, and you can play each of these from (roughly) 30 different perspectives!! (10 character classes, 3 talent trees per class…)

  • @Tami – Thanks! I like to think I’m not alone in my ramblings, so I appreciate knowing you are with me.

    @Krizzlybear – I think individuals can have their perfect game. But like there is no magic pill to make everyone happy, I definitely don’t think there is ONE game to rule them all (for everyone).

    @Nim – Although, if one’s perfect game changes over time… does that loop back to my idea of the myth? Certainly there’s near perfect and almost always room for improvement. But the perfect game would be.. perfect in everyway and not need that, right? (At least in my world) 😛

    @Kaethir – Diversity within games is absolutely great, indeed. But, even in a game like WoW (which I *love*) I wouldn’t call it perfect. Despite the multiple paths one can pursue in it, sometimes what would make it perfect for one person bumps heads with another path. I know Blizz has worked on trying to separate gear paths, but that’s one example I can think of (not requiring PvP and raiding for top gear in either area).

    @Samodean – … 😛

  • @Syrana – Exactly. As long as there’s room for improvement (and there always is and always will be), the perfect game will not exist, even on a personal level.


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