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Sideshow and I used to play Animal Crossing on our GameCube… man that seems so long ago, yet… not.

The town was full of interesting animals that utilized me as a glorified errand girl.  But they gave me cool stuff too.

Sometimes they'd ask me to help them come up with a new saying which was absolutely hilarious (and not always safe for work.)

But, my favorite resident in our town was Iggy.  Iggy was a (blue) goat that liked to work out and tell me how buff I was looking.  Well, sometimes he thought I looked buff.  Other days he'd suggest working out.

Man, that little goat could really pump iron.

He was incredibly funny, even when he didn't mean to be.  His letters were some of my favorites.  I was saddened whenever he'd talk about wanting to move on to a bigger and better town.  Several times I talked him into staying.

Iggy also had the most adorable expressions.  Sometimes I miss Iggy.  I wonder what he's bench pressing these days?

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  • I totally loved Animal Crossing. There was one character, much likes yours, that I literally cried when she left and couldn’t play for like, a month. She was Grace, and she was one of those overly nice, shy goats.

    Crap. Now I miss her more.

  • @Sprink – It’s amazing the way certain game characters can find a place so near and dear to us. There were a few other ones that I wish hadn’t moved away. Then there was Portia… this snobby, stuck-up dog that I WANTED to move away but she never did!


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