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Woo! Yes! Almost there…

Sideshow and Syrana dinged level 79 Monday night.  We've been taking our time, seein' the sights, working on professions, working on achievements, working on alts, and taking care of daily life.  But, last night, I definitely wanted to forge ahead since I knew were were so close!

Oh and speaking of achievements…. Syrana has completed 2000 quests!

Here a Zone, There a Zone

I must say that Northrend and all the new quests and lore it holds has been wonderful.  There are still a few zones I haven't touched much, such as Storm Peaks, Zul'Drak and Grizzly Hills.  Although I dinged in Storm Peaks, we only completed about 3 or 4 quests there.  I'm definitely enjoying the phasing and progression of the Icecrown quests, too.  I also have a lot more questing to do in Dragonblight on Syrana.  My hunter, on the other hand, has done A LOT in Dragonblight.

You've come a long way, baby

On the road to 79, I  finished up the Basin (exploring and quest achievements).  This also lead to replacing some epics.  A lot of my Burning Crusade epics lasted me a long time.  To be honest, I was a bit surprised.  Granted, I haven't ran many dungeons lately, so I'm sure there would have been more upgrades there.  But still!  When I finished the quests from the Avatar of Freya, I replaced my Frozen Shadoweave Robes with the Lifewarden Rainment.  I had previously replaced some trinkets and rings, but nothing hurt going from purple to green than when my T4 pieces started getting replaced.  That's when the realization really set in that my gear and stat chasing/stacking were going to start all over.  So, at that moment, it was one more purple I had to say good-bye to.  At 78.5, the only 2 epic pieces left were my Belt of Blasting and Vindicator Silk Cuffs.

Blue is My New Favorite Color

Then, as the experience bar got closer and closer to 79, I had more time to work on my tailoring.  (Which is up to 435 now, yay!)  I made myself the Black Duskweave Robes, Wristwraps, and Leggings.  I was looking at my Belt of Blasting and somewhat shocked it hadn't been replaced yet.  My timing of having it crafted was a bit iffy, since it was only a few months before the release of WotLK, but it was worth every copper.  One of my guildies made me an Eternal Belt Buckle and another guildie cut a Runed Bloodstone gem for it.  (Thank you Gabb and Ambar!) I'm seriously thinking about upgrading the other 2 gem sockets to give the belt some more mileage.

6.66 *snickers*
6.66 *snickers*

So, all in all, I think gear and stats-wise, I'm sitting pretty decently for level 79 and for my lack of dungeon loot.  1 old school purple, 2 greens (a ring and a trinket), and the rest blue.  I'm also feeling my stats are pretty decent at this point.  I know soon my spell damage will be dipping some as I stack hit, but I figure I can worry about hit when I reach 80.  For my purposes now, spell power serves me well.

Bombs Away

You'd think by now I'd have the hang of bombing quests.  I bombed monster kaliri eggs in Skettis, bombed cannon balls in Ogri'la, and blasted baddies on the Isle.  But, the bombing quest in Icecrown didn't go as smoothly.  I think it's more about the awkwardness of the vehicles for me and will take some getting used to.  But why did it have to keep track on my buffs that I made 3 flights before completing it?  Thanks for making me feel like I don't deserve to fly in your nifty bomber again!

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  • We took our time to 80 too :).

    Northrend is such a rich zone, it has so much to offer. I recently took my 2nd level 80 through as well; and discovered even more stuff.

    What a fantastic expansion, and what a relief it is that they managed to repair the damage BC (horrible expansion blech) had done! 🙂

    Pre-grats on the ding guys!!!

    – miss elf

  • @Miss Elf – Yes, I absolutely love this expansion. There are so many wonderful story lines. I have a feeling both my warlock and hunter are going to ding 80 close to each other, which is fine by me!

  • It’s good to know how long the 70 epics last since I’d rather just quest and level to 80 than focus on upgrades. I still have 6 epics left so I went over to my Shadowpriest who is a max JC, made the lock some of the new spellpower gem cuts, picked up one of the new meta gems and spellthreads and now the old epics are even better. How sad is it that I’m still wearing the season 1 helm? I haven’t played my lock until WOTLK since Season 1 arena =\. Yipes.

  • Grats on the big quest achievement!!! Hit rating is over-rated for sure!! hehe if only. Almost there though, keep trucking!


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