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(Part 4) For a complete list of this series, go here.

Aerissa's body twitched and jerked as she slept, lost in a fitful dreaming state.  The Lynx had come running back, having heard the odd noises she emitted.  He laid before her, keeping watch as she dreamed.

“No, don-” Aerissa's words were choked off as his grip tightened around her throat.  She pried at his hand, trying to tear it away, her face turning red.  He glared at her, his face unrecognizable.

Aerissa's body started to go limp against the tree.  She coughed and choked, trying to breath.  Her hands slipped and fell to her sides, seeing two of him as her eyes fluttered closed.

He grunted as the fingers on his left hand enclosed around the hilt of his other dagger.  His right hand still clutched her neck, but his grip loosened as he concentrated less on holding her before him.left-coldrage-daggerAs he thrust the dagger forward, Aerissa drew in a deep, gasping breath.  She reacted quickly and without thinking.  Using the tree to her advantage, she pushed off from it, and dipped her head down, biting his hand.  He let go of her neck, and stabbed at her wildly with his left.  She rubbed her neck as she kicked at him, trying to keep distance between them.

“Get over here, Rissss~” he hissed between clenched teeth.  He lurched forward, his dagger ripping through her clothing and slicing through the skin on her left hip.  She yelped, kicking up a massive amount of dirt towards his face.  He twisted the dagger, opening the wound further before he stumbled back, unable to see.  He clawed at his face, the dirt burning his eyes.

chr_aerissa1Aerissa staggered backwards, falling onto her rear.  She watched as he flailed around, blinded momentarily.  She began trying to scoot backwards, farther away from him.  She ignored the fact that the dagger was still sticking out of her hip.  She flipped over and crawled away as she steadily righted herself and regained her footing.  She glanced over her shoulder to see the elven man on his knees with the human woman at his side.

Aerissa quickened her pace, running, running as fast as she could.  She felt branches whipping at her face, at her arms, but she didn't care.  Her mind was numbed with fear, she just knew she had to get away… as far away as…

Her eyelids opened partially, then blinked.  She opened them again and tried to focus on the orange blur before her.  The world slowly came back into focus.  The Lynx yawned, stretching his powerful jaws before her.

Wrinkling her nose, Aerissa says, “Whew, you have some awful morning breath.”

The Lynx mrowed as though he understood her.  He shook his head, and inched closer to her.  She lay there, watching him with curiosity.  It was strange, because she no longer felt fearful of him.  In fact, she felt almost comforted by his presence.  The woods were beginning to feel like home to her.

“Home…” she mouthed, creasing her forehead.  She sat up slowly, grumpily rubbing her head.  Her memory was still a bit fuzzy.  She crossed her legs, and began to poke at the cold fire next to her with a long branch.  She needed to piece together the dreams and memories, but it was hard to determine what was real.  Aerissa sighed loudly, eying her ever ragged garments.  She could not continue to live like this.

Meanwhile, the Lynx was inching closer to her.  He nuzzled his warm nose under her arm, moving through and laying down.  She tensed up briefly, then smiled at him.  Her arm draped over him, she began to gently pet his soft, thick fur.  Aerissa smiled contently as she felt the Lynx purr beside her.

* * *

The squirrel barely made a peep as the arrow pierced it, knocking it from the tree branch.  Aerissa slung the crudely made bow over her shoulder as she trotted over to the squirrel; however, the Lynx dashed forward and scooped it up first.

squirrel1“Hey!” Aerissa called out sternly, snapping her fingers.  The Lynx paused, waiting for her.  She walked up before him, and snapped her fingers again.  Obediently, the Lynx dropped the squirrel at her feet.  She patted his head, picking up the squirrel.

“I think we have enough for dinner now.”  Aerissa and the Lynx began to make their way back towards their makeshift camp.  The Lynx helped her find a small cave, in which they had made their home.  The Lynx darted off into the distance, but within Aerissa's eyesight.  He zigzagged, sniffing, and searching.

Aerissa was starting to feel more confident in her hunting abilities.  A few nights ago she had fashioned a bow and some crudely made arrows.  She had been practicing her aim, and with the help of the Lynx, they have been able to hunt enough food to keep them both well fed.

The Lynx continued to fascinate Aerissa, for he seemed more content to be at her side and follow her commands.  A few times she thought he had taken off for good, but he never seemed to venture too far.  A sharp whistle would cause him to quickly return to her side.

While she prepared the squirrels they had hunted, she chattered on to her new companion.  “…I think soon we should venture into a settlement.  There is no sense in hiding in the woods forever.  Right?”

The Lynx gazed at her, then shook his head.  Aerissa smiled, “I hope that meant ‘no, we shouldn't hide'!”  She glanced back at him as he scratched behind his ear.  Aerissa shrugged, trying to think of where there would be a settlement nearby.

“Well, we'll worry about that more tomorrow, hm?” The Lynx snorted as though in response, circling around and around before laying down.  The tip of his tail twitching lazily.

** Please note that some of the events included in RP pieces are based upon actual in-game role play.  Also, some of the events and/or character names may have been altered during the transition from in-game RP to story formation. **

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  • @Keli

    I’m glad you are enjoying the progress of their relationship. 🙂

    @everyone else… I’ve been hearing some requests for these RP pieces to be longer and am curious what all my readers think about this?

  • @Fuu

    Thank you for the feedback. It’s definitely looking like I will need to post longer pieces! I figured I’d start out with nice bit-sized pieces to see how they were received. I didn’t want anyone to feel discouraged from reading them because they were too long. So, glad to know they aren’t too long.. now to find the right length! 🙂


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