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A few years ago, Sideshow and I bought a treadmill.  At the time, we were trying to go to the gym on a regular basis to work out.  Like lots of great plans, it worked for awhile, but then trailed off.  Mostly due to the extra time it took to get there and back.  Solution: buy a treadmill for home.  I don't have anything against treadmills and used it almost every trip to the gym… so why not have one at home to use to fill in the gaps between our trips there?

We bought it and used it for a bit.

Now it sits in the basement, unused.  Why? Well, the environment is not conducive.

I get the treadmill effect with some games.  At this point, I'd say Aion was my treadmill MMO.  Once my workout buddy stopped playing, it was hard to keep my interest.  Then there's the grind.  Sure, I've said time and time again that putting seemingly mundane and repetitious tasks into game form and I love 'em.

But the environment wasn't quite right.

So Aion, much like my treadmill, sat unused for a lengthy period of time.  All the while I kept telling myself I should get back in there.

But I didn't.  My account expired a few weeks ago.

I didn't quit because I disliked it or because of World of Warcraft (which I haven't logged into for a few weeks either).

Much like my treadmill – I enjoyed it when the environment was conducive.

I could start using either one again at anytime.

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  • Treadmills are awesome.

    Why? Because the television turns me into a brainless, tireless zombie. I can treadmill for HOURS as long as I have the TV in front of me. No TV? Treadmilling for twenty minutes is PURE TORTURE.

    Which … is really a tangent (and anyone who knows me is profoundly unsurprised).

    I agree, to an extent. I really liked Aion (unlike Allods, which I was just playing because my friends were). HOWEVER, gaming for me is a social thing. I play with my husband and with my friends. If they do not like a game (and they did not like Aion) then it doesn’t matter if I like it because they won’t be playing it. The same thing went the other way around when they liked League of Legends and I wasn’t a fan.

  • @Tami – The TV has to have something (I consider) good on, or it’s just as bad as none. Our basement is dark and sad… it feels like running in a dungeon 😛

    The social aspect is a big factor for me for MMOs too, especially starting with: Does Sideshow play it?

    @Kaethir – Let’s take WoW a step further and Wii-ize it! Swing that battle axe! Dodge! Swirl those hands to cast a spell! 😛

    @Anea – 🙂 If I get distracted or feel uncomfortable… yeah, just doesn’t help.

  • If I could find some way to hook the lappy up to a treadmill… I don’t think I’d leave it. Evar.

    And that’s a scary thought. ^_^


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